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Dual Drag Spinning Reels?

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I was just wonder what benefit (if any) would a dual drag spinning reel like Accurate’s Twin Spin 12, or Okuma’s Vsystem/Salina line of reels be for plugging applications?

Also I was curious if the Okuma models were a true twin drag system (what ever that means) like the Accurate Twin Spin or is there a difference other than the 7fold price difference.

Thank you in advance.

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I have a dual drag shimano thunnus. I love it for livelining or chunking. I don't think there would be any benifit to pluggin with a reel of this nature. There is no other easy way to liveline with a spinning reel. If you live line with the bail flipped when you flip is back over with line screaming off its prone to trouble. ANd its not a smoot transition, you are playing with the bail when You should be worrying about a good hook set on the fish. The lever on the shimano is in a canvenient place. When I am livelining bunker got Bass, I adjust the looser of the drags so that the bunker is pretty much at equilibrium with the drag. If the bunker gets spooked it can pull a little line. This is a more natural presentation than if the bunker is just wiggling and not moving and inch to get away from the bass. And when the bass does grab the bunker it does not feel the resistance. Then the hook set, dip the poll a little, you can hit it without taking your hand out of position. I can hit the lever with my pinky, while the rest of my hand on the poll at the base of the reel. Click the lever and BAAAAM set the hook. Its a lot of fun. Simlar deal when chunking. Its a lot of fun chunking big blues with that reel also.
For liveling its great. Like I said for plugging I don't see any merit in it. If your clamming for the beach and you are one of those people that spike a few rods I can see the losser drage save you poll from jumping into the ocean if a good fish hits it.
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I've got an Okuma VS-45 & 55 and they have great drags, the dual drag is very smooth!
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I use a dual drag Penn 5600L and do the same as Dave
but I troll live eels behind my kayak.
There is the take & run
.... I put down my paddle ,
..... pick up the reel
...flip the switch
on a circle hook.

It feels like cheating

... same chunking mac's
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I fish artificials exclusively and I love the "Baitrunner" feature. It's great for drifting jigs in the Cape Cod Canal, and lets you quickly adjust the line length before a cast. I also switch it on for safety when changing plugs, that way if I slip or lose my balance while holding the plug there isn't enough tension on the line to bury the hooks in my hand. That's something my Dad taught me when I was little and fished with one of those Zebco spincast reels.
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Actually allow me to clarify a bit…

I meant dual drag spinning reels where equal pressure is applied to both drag systems at the same time. Not a dual drag in the Baitrunner since.


Thanks for the heads up on the Okuma’s performance.

What species & size class have you fought & landed on your Okuma Vsystem reels?

I was considering the 40,45, & 55 sizes but was wondering if there were any real advantages over a single drag spinner. I mean I don’t fish for tarpon or any fast movers like that so I was just curious as to whether or not there was any advantage to using a twin drag outside of Florida.

Also has anyone had a chance to give the Accurate Twin Spin 12 a shot yet?

I’m dying to know how it performs just incase I ever get around to making the trek to Florida I would like to have a reel that could handle the fast movers down there.
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My first thread ever is not dieing till I get some answers gosh darn it.

Happy New Years & tight lines to all.
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I had never heard of these "dual drag" reels prior to this thread and I still don't know how they work, I looked up that reel that you mentioned and as soon as I saw the price I lost interest in them.
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Come on Capper surely you can afford $79.99 to $89.99 for the OkumaSalina models, so you can test and evaluate em then let me know how they hold up before I lay out any bread.
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I guess I could afford the Okuma.................

But that Accurate 12 thing costs $759.95
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Capper, The humidity controlled case that the accurate comes with makes it all The reel has some great ideas but is just way too much for me. It is also very heavey and is mainly used for offshore fishing. I know a lot of guys here talk about saltigas, stellas, accurates, etc here but these reels are really for offshore use not surf fishing. But then again too each his own right?

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I could see the 30 size being to heavy but the 12?

It weighs as much as a Fin Nor Ahab 16 size or a Quantum Cabo 50 size (24oz) which I know some people personally who plug with those sizes, so is the weight really that much of an issue?
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Young padawan, persitent you are. Very Good.

I have a VS45 and it is smoooth as butter. The drag is very strong and silky. It has a 5 year warranty.

Problem is that the anti-reverse bearing goes in them. I have been through 2 in 2 falls. When that handle starts spinning backwards its a real beotch.

But since it is still in warranty I will just swap it out for a new one.

All in all I love the reel but wonder how it will hold up over time. At 160 bucks it is alot of reel. BTW you cannot open it up to service it.
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Dodgy anti-reversal bearing a…?

Thanks Shipwreck 1.0 that’s good intel.

I have to wonder if they have resolved this issue with the newer V-Sa models that have been introduced in the last few months that have the faster gear ratio? Since you have had yours for about 2 year (you said two falls) I would like to think that they have addressed this issue with the more recent one to roll off the assemble line.

I must admit I am a bit put off by the fact that you can’t service them your self.

Any one else care to add their $0.02 on the reels in question.

Any reviews positive or negative would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance Padawan.
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The last time I used mine the handle spun backwards on a hookset, but never happened again. Other than that I love the reel, cast great, lays braid like a champ, and killer drags! I guess I better send mine in, it is a little over a year old.
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