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Stupid things people do while driving

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I spend a lot of time behind the wheel and it never ceases to amaze me what foolish things some people will do while driving a car. I'm not talking about using a cell phone, I mean really dumb stuff that could cause an accident. This week for example I saw one lady driving the car while at the same time she was looking in the rearview mirror and using one of those eyelash curling tools. I mean she was doing like 60 miles an hour and curling her eyelashes. Another driver had a hardcover novel on his steering wheel and was reading it as he drove. I could see that his eyes were focused on the book and not the road. Again, this guy was doing about 60mph. Another fool was eating a bowl of cereal with two hands as he drove. I suppose he was using his knees to steer the car. Another guy was using an electric razor as he drove. Do these idiots think that no one sees them, or do they just not care? So, lets hear some of the wacky things you've seen people do behid the wheel.

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Cell phones are the most common, the most annoying, and the most irresponsible activity. It's very easy to go hands free, but some are too lazy or too vain to wear a simple head set.
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I saw almost the same thing this morning. A woman driving Route 38 west bound while putting on her make up. Swerving in and out of traffic trying to make up time. Un F'en Believable.

11/5/06 driving in the passing lane at the speed limit or there abouts (50) on Route 37 while reading directions to an ice rink. I met this individual UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL...........CRASH!!!
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While in college I went with my girlfriend to visit her mother for few days. The first time in the car with her she started driving with her knees so she could put on her makeup while looking in the mirror. Full blown makeup application. This was done while driving on a jughandle and merging onto a highway. Brains didn't run in the family.
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Getting a hummer is ok...right
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Im on the Long Island Expressway AKA the "Parking Lot" every morning. I see people working on Laptops, reading the paper, eating cereal, Women putting on make up. Why is it women cant put on mascara with their mouth closed?
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Originally Posted by TF3
Getting a hummer is ok...right

just watch out for potholes
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I was once rear-ended at about 40mph by a girl putting mascara on. I could see her in my rearview mirror and she never even hit her brakes.
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I had an older woman behind me when I was went onto a highway exit today, and had to stop to yield to traffic on that road. As I crept up to judge traffic, I saw the minivan behind me was way too close. I looked into the rearview, and saw the woman yakking away on her effn' cell phone. Made me mad it did, as I could see her easily tapping my back bumper. Like I said, she was way too close.

Couple weeks ago, I was going into the parking deck at work. The middle section is poorly lit. Woman driver coming down the deck too fast, on my side, no lights on to see or be seen, and I could see her also yakking on her phone when I went as far right on the available space as I could when we passed.

Neither of these woman had the hands-free phones. I must have some sort of magnetism for attracting inattentive women who can't live without meaningless chit-chat on their cellphones when I'm trying to get somewhere. I'm sure one of them will eventually tag me sometime.

These things really frost me over when I'm driving.
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I saw a woman drying her hair by sticking her head out the car window and brushing it at the same time.
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nothin pisses me off more than people sitting in the left lane of the NJ turnpike going under 80mph. buses and NY plate limos are the friggen worst. I get a laugh at what some people do while drivin, hummers, make up, smokin a bowl etc..
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back in high school i was going out with this girl that wore glasses . one night we where going down this dark road (TO YOU KNOW ) and she couldnt see where she was driving . she goes boy its dark down here so i told her to turn on the high beems . she askes where are they ?? so i told her its that knob sticking out of the floor all the way on the left side down there . her reply was ( thats a dumb place to put the high beems ) so while thying to reach down with her hands to push the button she turns the steering wheel and we ran right into a tree . she was an honor student but dumb as as a box of rocks .
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Mine is people that think they are invincible when they have 4WD in the snow. yes it gives you better traction and better control. but it won't help you on ice or when you are driving 60 on an unplowed in a slushy snow storm

I can't tell you how many times I have been in 4WD driving 40 in a 65 on the interstate and getting past ....only to find people that past me in the median a few miles up the road
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Using a handheld cell phone isn't any more dangerous than using one with a headset, or for that matter, talking to a passenger. It's the conversation that reduces your ability to concentrate, this whole hand held cell phone thing is nothing but a political con job based on class envy.

If you don't believe me try this. Next time you're driving down the road, hold your hand up to the side of your head................Did you suddenly lose the ability to drive?

Women drivers are the threat. I for one, would much rather have them talking on a phone than to a passenger, considering the fact that most women are unable to talk to someone without looking at them.

Eating, adjusting the radio, adjusting the climate control, and smoking all cause more accidents than cell phones.

(For the record. I talk on my cell phone for an average of 2-4 minutes per week. And the only time that I typically use it while driving is to call the State Police to report an accident/dangerous objects in the road etc.)
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that's a good one mdc. i guess they think the 4wd will help them stop faster too.

passing on the right has got to make the top 5 for me too. same thing with people pulling onto the highway and making a beeline for the left lane like its the travel lane. i swear i've seen so many mental midgets move across a couple open lanes just after pulling out on the highway, to get in the passing lane and do less then average traffic speed. like the left lane was the promised land.

but the most idiotic thing to me is the folks doing 50mph + on someones bumper. most of the time i see it, i couldn't parallel park between the cars if they were standing still. i don't care where you are going, its just not that important.

too many dumbasses.
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