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Building a bass pond

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Hey guys, my buddy has finally got started on building his pond down in Va. I have a bunch of pics already that he sent me, but it's hard to tell what's exactly going on quite yet (he's not the best at getting the right angles or perspectives).

Here's ya a few shots....

Next set I'll hafta resize better for yall.

When I get down there on Thanksgiving weekend, I'll get some more shots as well.
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How many acres?
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Mike, he thinks it's about 1.5 - 1.75 acres.
I'm gonna measure it when I get down there, cause I'm real curious. He went bigger than what we taped/walked/marked out before the land was cleared.
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Looks like a fun project. I take it he's gonna buy fingerlings from a hatchery to stock. Looks like there is a residence below lake level in the one pic. Any worries about flooding? I fish a similar size pond in the Poconos. Caught 7 pickeral on a spinner Sunday and my son managed to finally land his first. He lost a nice one 2 weeks ago that slammed the golden shiner he had just hooked. It's nice to have a place to go where you know there's no fishing pressure whatsoever.
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definitely cool. I love the farm pond I fish. No 5#ers yet but they're growing. I too noticed that the pond was on what appeared to be the "high land". I'm guessing that a proper spill way was incorporated in the design? I'm anxious to see more pics.
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He is, indeed, on the side of the mountain. The houses below will be safe because the pond has yet to be actually excavated. About 5' - 6' of earth yet to be moved from where ya see, pushed up to create the pond side above the houses to create the 12' depth. Hard to explain just yet, without the work done and more pictures. The guy that Mike hired to build it is a 73 year old preacher man (the white haired guy) who has built hundreds of ponds, so I have no worries about the integrity of the finished product.
The spillway is what the large pipes are being laid for. There's a creek below the pond site, and behind the houses you see, where the spillway will be piped to. Only for emergency runoff.
And yeah, the plan is for fingerling LMB, asst. sunfish type species, catfish, and crappie. Along with asst. appropriate baitfish native to the area. I'll take a leap and bet that Mike will want to buy some larger bass to start the pond with as well
We've spent many hours at night over beers designing a cool bass pond over the last few years, so any structure/cover you can think of is in the plan. Not just for fishing, but correct for the health and spawning of the fish. For a long lived, healthy pond.
We had the idea of leaving an island, but that's not gonna work out , but there will be a small pier I hafta build to fish off of, and to tie up the boat to.
It'll be a johnboat only type of pond. Too small for outboards obviously, so no boatramp is neccessary. That big clump looking thing below the tall Poplar in the one shot is a gigantic stump that will find a good spot somewhere. And hopefully will become home to Bubba bass
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thanks for making this thread, Im very interested in pond building an what it takes for a good fishery. I'll be watching all along the process so post pics an info often.
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His kids & grandchildren will have something to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Any Turtles Planned as a habitant?
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Originally Posted by sportyguy33
His kids & grandchildren will have something to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Any Turtles Planned as a habitant?

Sur Sporty
It will be a well balanced ecosystem.
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Awesome! Can't wait to see progression pictures as he goes. That's something I'd love to do someday.
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This is a very cool thread! I hope see more of the project. I moved 2 yrs ago from a house that was on a pond and it was the best! It had everything from Turtles to Perch, a couple swans and some big ol LMB.

I am very jealous.
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Originally Posted by sportyguy33
His kids & grandchildren will have something to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Any Turtles Planned as a habitant?

Build it and the snappers will come.

When the levee breaks, mama you got to move.
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Great thread Ben ...looking forward to watching this one ....
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Just a bump ta let ya'll guys know that I'll be heading down there this coming week to check on progress, and will post pics as I take em.
I'm gonna lay out where the dock is gonna be, and we'll set some stump fields, make some ditches, and stuff.
Believe it or not, Mike told me tonight that he cant get pea gravel down there. Which is essential for crappie spawning. He's gonna go to the quarry on monday and see what's what with that.
I told him to have our buddy who trucks stone for a living to grab a load from up here and bring it down.
I'm physced to get started on my part of it
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Finally made it down here to Where's 'at? Va.

Rolled in at 01:00 Saturday, caught a few hours of sleep but was up by sunrise to walk the property and take about 50 pictures.

Yeah, I was/am excited to be here

Here's yall a few pics real quick...

Below : Standing at what will be the waters edge, of the long shallow end, looking back (south) at the deeper end.

Below : The black line is where the water level will be approx.

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