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Titles, trailer titles, inspections, registrations...PA

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Just bought a boat from a guy in NJ, by owner sale. 92 Apache, 48 HP, 1979 Escort trailer. Upon sale, we each signed a "bill of sale" that we hand wrote.

He then signed the title for the boat on the "seller" line. I signed title on the buyers line.

Is this correct so far?

Also, trailer came with no title but he has one "somewhere", he can find it if I need it.

Do trailers in PA need to be titled and inspected? How often inspected?

Registration should be done where?

and yes I do have a boaters license, just unsure of this red tape. will I pay tax on the sale price? Thanks.
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Check PA motor vehichle for your answers. Title for the boat should work.
Trailer not sure.
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I just registered a boat in PA last year after buying on in NC. If the boat or trailer has a title, you must have it transferred to you. They will not register it without the title.

You will pay tax on the purchase price.
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They don't title trailers in NJ. The bill of sale should satisfy the state as proof of ownership.
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trailers need to be titled in PA. You may need to file a lost title form if he cannot find it for you. Inspections I belive depend on the weight rating I think over 3500 lbs requires inspection, not positive tho. I do know small trailers do not need inspection.
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Just tell'em the trailer is "homemade" and they shouldn't give you to much trouble.
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Older post, been away. Thanks for all your help.

Went to notary here in PA., she is a boater herself. Pretty simple process.

She needed title for boat, bill of sale, not need title for trailer.

Transferred title of TRAILER to PA. using trailer registration card from NJ., 36 bucks.

Transfer title of BOAT from NJ to PA. Done 36 dollars.

Trailer registration: 6 dollars each year, No inspection needed (Unless it has brakes, then inspection required in PA.) Small trailer, no brakes.

Boat registration: 26 dollars for boat 16 ft. and under , mine is 16 ft. fiberglass CC, good for 2 years from date of registration.

Sales tax.....hmmm. Honor system being it was a handwritten bill of sale. 6% on the dollar. Not bad, only paid 600 dollars for the boat, trailer and motor, and many extras...I cannot complain because I want to go boating!!

Now have a good, smaller, starter boat.

Its been less than a month and ALREADY I WANT A BIGGER BOAT!! Well, a smaller boat is way better than no boat at all.
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