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Maui Jim vs Costa Del mar?

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I've been comparing the two and would like some suggestions. Two key points i'm looking for is lens quality, I'm going glass probably, customer service and warranty. I know Costa Del Mar has a lifetime on some of their glasses and Maui's carry a one year warranty.
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I prefer maui jim's of the two you presented, but I vote Smith Sliders with the extra polarized lenses.
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I have a pair Costa Del Mar Tripletails. 3 Years and still goin strong. Absolutly love them. I'm actaully looking to pick up another pair. Defintly the best I've ever came across.
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i've got cdm's and maui's, i prefer the mauis. i used to be an assistant golf pro where they gave us maui sport's for free. they're nice but wont hold up for real fishing, so get a sturdy pair, and they're great.
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I just about 3 months of extensive research into high end glasses. Maui Jim's uses the best glass in the business. I got a pair of 302-02 on that auction site for about half price. Go to a retailer(listed on thier website) and find a mogel you like then get them off the auction site.
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Action Optics.
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I just bought a pair of Costa Del Mar Triple Tails myself. With the 580 glass lenses, paid $229 at Bass Pro.

The 580 glass is the top on line in optics, according to Costa. I like them so far after having them a week.

Remember that the glass lens will add some weight to the sunglasses, versus the all plastic models.

I do not have any experience with Maui Jim sunglasses.
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They are both top quality. Pick the style that you like and go for it. I have used both Cost and Maui Jim as well as Action Optics. I prefer glass lenses.

Key for me was the lens color. I do a lot of trout fishing and the Action Optics amber were not as dark as the other two so performed better in low light conditions.

If you want blue for offshore I like the Costas.

You really can't go wrong here with these choices.
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i've got a pair or AO's, a pair of Maui's, a pair of Costa's, a pair of the cheap fisherman's eyewear, a pair or two of some lesser known brands... all polarized... some glass, some not glass...

all get used now and then, but the pair i keep going back to time and time again, are the ones made by Polaroid... clearest lenses i've got!

not cheap like fisherman's eyewear, but i picked 'em up for 50 or 60... comfortable to wear and again, the clearest lenses i've got.

look around, don't get stuck on brand names. just don't do it.
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CDM - if there's a quality diff it's unnoticable - CDM stands by their product for life - MJ tells you to take a leap after a year....

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thanks folks, i'm gonn try to head out to bass pro or some sunglass store and check some of the suggestions out.
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CDM Harpoon...... But Seekers are better than both.
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I have a pair of the Costa's in the wave killer frame with the 480 glass lense. There is a huge difference between them and the cheaper 50-60 dollar polarized glasses on the market. I looked at the MJ's and just didn't like the frame styles. Most are metal frames and the plastic frames just looked bad. The difference between the Costa's and MJ's are very little and I personally think the slight difference in quality is not going to make a difference fishing. I do love wearing quality polarized glasses though. Everything is so much sharper with them. I can read street signs about twice the distance away with them than without them. Even trees and clouds have so much more detail. Just make sure you get the right lense color for the type of fishing you do the most and find a frame that is comfortable.

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I have had a few pairs of Action optics, one pair of Costas and one pair of Mauis. The Mauis are the best quality far and away...but the lense is too dark for sight fishing and I much prefer (FOR FISHING) my Costas and AA's. AA has more tint and color choices which make them the best MFG for fishing (you can really dial in the perfect tint and color) and Costas are also very good.

Dark lenses are best for welding and "just lookin"
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I have 2 pairs of Maui Jims. The glass lens Kahuna and the Polycarbonate (plastic) Kapalua with the super thin and flexible wire lens to ear pieces. The Kahuna is my go to set for fishing. The Kapalua is too light.
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