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Both of these reels were used for Blackfishing by me and well taken care of. The Red one saw a lot of use (60 trips & a lot of fish), the other one I didn't photograph RARELY saw fishing time as it was my backup. As you can see by the pics, the Red reel I used a lot is in excellent condition - that's becaus eI washed it in the shaower after EVERY trip, and I had it greased & cleaned up after each season.

Both reels were worked on and tricked out with P series parts in the internals by ECNewellMan.Both have 5.1 gears, but I have a set of 3.6 gears which I used with the Red reel. All the Red parts are Billet Aluminum. The Red reel is the QUIETEST Newell I've ever seen both on a cast & on the retrieve (it's dead quiet on the retrieve), freespool on both is excellent.

Reels were $180 each, $40 for EC to work on them, the Aluminum on the Red reel was an additional $50. 3.6 gears were $40.

Red 322 $200
Regular 322 $150
3.6 gears $40