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Surf Fishing in Rhode Island

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I went to Cape Cod for Vacation and did well from the shore. I caught a bunch of blues and one 22 inch bass. It was alot of fun. Not to mention it is much cheaper than the boat.

I was thinking of taking a day trip to the Rhode Island coast for a day/night of fishing around newport. I was thinking around October 6th ish. Is there anything I should know about fishing there before I go. Any proven ways to fish in Rhode Island. Live bait, chunk or lures? Does anyone know any easy beaches to go to since my time will be limmited?

You guys have been great and I learned alot [IMG]http://www.****************/phpBB2/images/smiles/notworthy.gif[/IMG] This is my first season for surf fishing and I know it will not be my last.

Thanks Again
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50% of fishing in Rhode Island is figuring out where to park so that your car is still there when you come back. That said, parking gets a lot easier in October, so you're in luck. If you have a wife who will drop you off in places with no parking and come back later, you are even luckier.

So, the first rule is to read all the signs about parking etc.. and follow them while being respectful of the property rights of the homeowners.

Beyond that, drive around and look for rocks. There are lots of rocky places and they all have fish. When you find one that you can park near, get out and fish it. Better yet, find it during the day, and come back and fish it at night.

My preference is South County - which means everything outside of and to the west of Naragansett Bay. But maybe that's just because I know it better.

I could tell you more, but this is all you really need to know. Find rocks and a place to legally park and there will be fish. When you discover them as a result of your search, you will be happy. If you find rocks that are a mile or more from the nearest legal parking, there will be a lot fewer people and you will be happier.

I have read quite a few books and sought much advice on Rhode Island, but the above has led me to the most fish.

Best of luck!
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Oh yeah, I prefer lures. More fun, I catch more fish, and don't smell like a deads mackerel when I go home to the wife.

Bait does work though.
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well said!
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Just be safe esp. where the rocks (jetty/ledge) meet the water. Guys here have discussed gear quite a bit. A search on korkers is very relevant. Plan where you want to land your fish ahead of time. That doesn't mean the fish will be willingto go there.

Good Luck and enjoy RI
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Yep, good pointers saltator, especially the 1st sentence.

Oh & mako, if you're anywhere near N. county & need some late grub when everything else i closed...(Cranston to be specific) NY System on reservoir ave next to Shell gas station. Damnit that sh** is so unhealthy, but THE BEST dogs in the area.
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Thanks for all of your help and where to find some grub. Wish me luck and I will report back on how I did.

Thanks agian
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Mako - remember - we want a report.
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It is go Time. I am sure I will make it to Rhode island this weekend (Oct 6-7). Any last words of wisdom.

I have some needle fish and some bucktails, will that be good for fishing or should I pick up some other kinds of lures?

Thanks for the help.

Does anyone now a good but cheap hotel in or around Newport. I don't mind driving 20 min to fish so it does not haveto be on the water. If it has wireless internet I could give almost live reports!
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Another Question. Is the full moon going to be a problem? I have mixed thoughts. Any input would be great.

Thanks again
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darters darters darters and more darters just think of bananas when selecting.
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oh yeah, the full moon is gonna bring the water level way up. best to search areas at low tide during the day for structure,(and parking) and fish them 2hrs before high, til 2 hrs after. and try last light and first light also. Should be able to land a few decent fish with the info you`ve just recived from these guys. good luck, tight lines.!
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bass hate light, look for any moon shadows, (if any) where you end up, cast there, fish bite. Under bridges, piers, ect ect ect.
Last fool moon I had more boofish I knew what to do with. Good luck.
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There are no boofish on the west coast. Any way we could point the yellow-eyed, toothy bastiges towards the Panama Canal?
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Mako...BOMBER 16's

Clears...ahhhh get em all..they all work
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