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Forum protocols- Please read before posting.

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Welcome to the RI forum- Please follow all SOL rules (if you cant remember those rules, here are a few of the important ones)

1- no commercial posts for the sole reason of selling stuff- if you have something to sell - post it in the classifieds, but please, no advertising here.

2- If you post a report, please leave the 'where' out of it... When, how, what and pictures are welcome, but please do not post where. Posting of the names of well known spots is tolerated in general conversation, but please do not ask for reports of specific spots, post directions to specific spots, or post anything that would imply that there are fish at one specific spot- Names of towns, are permitted, but it is irresponsible to put pressure on spots here on this forum- thousands of people read this forum, and the information can be hours old as opposed to a Pro-Jo report for example, which has info that may be 2 weeks old.

4- respect one another- if someone breaks these rules, report it to a moderator. Replying with sarcasm only fuels the fire.

5- have fun
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From this point onwards, there is going to be zero tolerance for personal insults, antagonism, or name calling here. Let everyone take notice. From here on, it stops. Respect each other, no matter what you think of the other person.

If you feel you've been atacked, report the post. I will deal with it as I see fit. Do not respond in kind. It takes two to make a fight. Be the bigger man, walk away from it, and report it.

This rule applies to everyone, no matter how well I know you, or like you personally. Tim wants this to be a place where people feel comfortable posting, and I intend to see his wishes carried out.

If you think there's spot burning, tell me. Or tell Eben. I'll defer to his greater knowledge of RI. Don't flame the guy who posts a report you think is overly specific. Report it. It will be edited as appropriate to keep it a general reoprt. You have to expect some reports now that the fall is upon us. Please try to keep them general. Pictures taken with identifiable backgrounds shouldn't be posted, even with a disclaimer saying "this isn't where I caught the fish". Many people won't believe it.

Bear in mind that in addition to removing people from the website, as an Administrator I can remove people from particular forums. People who have no record of causing problems will generally get a warning from me, but in a blatant violation situation, you might be removed for a short period. Eventually, if you continue to be a problem, that removal may be permanent.

Good natured banter/ball busting is not considered antagonism. I can usually tell the difference.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation.
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