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Favorite blue fish lure????

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I need help in your top bluefish lure because im going surfishing on the south shore of long island and im just wondering what to buy or bring for blues????

Im willingto buy whatever you say!!
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Honestly, theyll hit anyting if theyre feeding. My only advice is that if they are, stay away from plastics and expensive plugs. Not because you wont catch fish, but its a total wallet burner. If theyre moving bright colors that match the bait size fished on the outskirts of the bait lame 02 to this one..Good luck!

*Got a few the other day on a 4.5" schoolbus bomber if that helps any (small blues though). Tims got em in the online store.....
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Use the lure you named yourself after. Or any other metal lure. Or if you like topwater find some hard plastic poppers. Any lure that looks very durable will be best.

And go with single hooks when you can. Maybe even go barbless. Makes it easier to unhook them and catch another!
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Try a gag's bluefish bomb in chrome. At 3oz they can be cast way out there.
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Go thru your tackle, pick out the rattiest, most chipped up plugs with missing paint, hook gouges, cracks, mashed up faces and all the rest of the things that make lures look crappy, and bring them. Don't waste money on good metal--go buy those painted lead knock-offs of Hopkins and Ava jigs.
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the best bluefish lure is the one you puton and are throwing fro STRIPERS !!!
Works every GD time...
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single hook hopkins. The hopkins make a swell handle to pick the fish up.....unless they totally inhaled it anyway.
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The old blue and white atom or those new surface tension lures are durable and have scored the occasional stripah on the outside edges of the blitz (likewise let the kastmaster or other metal sink to the bottom below the blues will sometimes get you a bass).............and make sure that rear hook is a single and barbless is better........unhooking a treble on a thrashing 10lb toothy bastage is not fun .
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robert's ranger. crush the barb. work it like a pencil so they miss it ten times and get even more p.o.ed.
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yeah truth there. i took a treble right to the bone on my right hand while trying to gently unhook one of the scumbags, to make matters worse when i let go to unhook myself he took a chunk out of my middle finger. i use a fish grip now. its better
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I have had good luck on cape cod caching blues and some stripers on metals. Hopkins types and some old "old pal" ones I have. They don't cost as much too so if you get bit off, it is less costly than custom wooden plugs. One day I and one other guy using a silver popper were the only guys catching them. I have also found them to be effective fished on top. I originally learned to cast and let them sink a little, but they can catch fish dragged accross the top. Best of all they really cast far.

Best of luck on your trip,

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1oz kastmaster, single white bucktail hook, crushed barb. All the blues you want.
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I ALMOST ALWAYS use Diamond jigs (A 27 or A47 works every time.

some times I add a green tail
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Hopkins single hook, indestructible ,and they catch year after year
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Turd on a hook. Doesn't matter if they are out there! Really a cheap durable lure like someone said before use your name!!!
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