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PVC to Lead pipe connection

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Replacing a toilet that has a lead soil pipe lead out. Anyone have experience with connecting a new PVC bowl flange to the existing lead soil pipe?
The new PVC Flange fits into the lead pipe snuggly, do you think 5200 marine adhesive will seal it water tight?

Replacing the the lead pipe is not and option, way to complicated with all the connections that come into it.

Thanks for your input.
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You can by a rubber boot at home depot. Fit one end of the cast pipe in the one side of the boot and the pvc in the other, clamp them down and your sett.
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I wish it were that easy. The lead (as in heavy) pipe is 4 inch inside diameter and the PVC flange is 4 inch outside diameter. Need to use something to make the seal water tight.
But thanks for the reply'
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Its cast iron not lead.
It is that easy I have a pipe like that, Been 6 years now.
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It probably is cast. Never seen lead.
The 4" boot should stretch enough to fit over the cast. It may be a tight fit but will probably work.
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You can lube up the pipe with some dish soap before you fit it on, it will help get the boot on the larger pipe. You can soak it in hot (tap hot) water for 10 minutes before you put it on will make it a bit more pliable .

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There were some lead pipes used between floor flange and cast iron traps. I had one in my old farmhouse. Son has place now and replaced everything with PVC. I thought about scrounging the old one to cast sinkers, but decided to stay with wheel weights. I've seen a couple of others and my ex-fatherinlaw who was a plumber/handyman said they were not that uncommon around here.
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Using a Fernco fitting is the fastest and easiest way to solve your problem, however it won't meet codes in most municipalities.
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You don't attatch a PVC anything to a lead bend*.

You need a brass closet flange that slips over the bend and then the lead is peened over it. This is probably not a home depot item, your best bet is visit to a decent plumbing supply house.

Otherwise, remove the lead bend back to the CI and run new PVC so you can use the flange. Depending on what's below, a licensed plumber may be ultimately be the low cost option .


* Although lead bends are not commonly used in the 'burbs, they are used every day in NYC where plastic pipes are prohibited.
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Why won't I match the PVC to the lead?

Yes, it is and old farm house and it is a lead pipe elbow. It had a brass toilet ring that failed and wet the ceiling below. I want to repalce the brass with a PVC ring that fits into the lead, only need to make it water tight. Also want to put in a wax ring that wasn't used before. Aparently they used plumbers putty to make the seal.

Don't really want to replace the hole nine yards with PVC, as two other lead drains run into this elbow and that means ripping up the whole bathroom floor.
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what gadwall said.

is it cast or lead?

HD sells a toilet flange that has a compression collar. you slide it into the toilet riser, secure it to the floor, then tighten the hex screws. tie a string to the allen wrench so when you drop it down the riser you can retrieve it.
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Wow, don't want to be an as* here, but how many times do I have to say IT IS LEAD, (like in lead weight)!
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I'm no plumber, but I watch a plumber flange a lead bend almost every month.

You match the closet flange to the pipe, brass to lead and CI, PVC to PVC, etc.

Please understand that the lead gets peened over the flange- That means beat with a hammer.

If you are married to your PVC flange change the pipe.

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More married to the lead. The PVC is a up grade to allow for a wax seal. The brass flange doesn't have a tapered inset and the lead pipe broke at the hammered seal originally.
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Here's a tip!
Pay very close attention to what coppertrout tells you. He knows what he is talking about!
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