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Penn 210 and Penn Mag 10 differences

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What are the different features of these two Penn reels? Is the Mag 10 just a hot rodded, magnet brake 210? Does the Mag 10 have the large 309 size handle and 309 sized drags?
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They're two rather different reels. The Mag 10 was more of a "hot rodded" model 9. The 210 was an "improved" version of the 209 and is a significantly larger, heavier reel along the lines of a Penn Jigmaster while the 9 / 10 models were closer to the overall dimensions of a small Squidder. The Mag 10 was built with the same handle as the Squidder and many other models which used that part. Can't help with the drag comparison but Surfslinger probably can if sees this thread.
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Nice description/comparison between the 9 and 10! About all I can add as you know, is the 10 has a small ring magnet on the bridge, and spool bearings instead of bushings.

Magnet shown:

I also added a small rare earth magnet to my Mag 10 to help tame it when I go with lighter line. I consider it my poor mans 525 Mag!

What follows is an excellent description from G Pope about the Penn 210, and optional upgrades available.

"One more point about the 210 - even though it's discontinued, you can still get most of the parts required to keep it running. Sideplates might be an issue, but that's 'bout it. It uses Jigmaster (4:1) gears & drags and if the version you saw has the chromed spool, you can replace it with an aluminum #29L-210 which should still be available from Penn. Approx same line capacity as an Abu 7000 (300x20) with the aluminum spool and same as the 209 with the chromed spool (350x20).

If you want a reel the same size as the #9, but better features, check out the Penn Mag 10 instead. It has 4:1 gears same as the 210, but Squidder size drags & ball bearings - it's a sorta' miniature Penn 210 with fixed magnetic cast control."

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I now use Penn 210 reels for Great Lakes salmon trolling using downriggers. Also it is a great reel for flat line Muskie trolling. In the past I have tried both the 209 and 309 Penn reels but have settled on the 210 as the one to use.

Right now I have a few 210's of both stainless and aluminum spooled versions. No particular preference as I do not cast them, so no need for magnet control or braking action.

I stumbled across the Penn Mag 10 by a simple mistyping of 210. I dropped the 2 and E**y displayed a few Penn Mag 10 reels for sale. This brought on some questions.

Looks like I came to the correct board for answers.

Now my next question would be something like ..... hmmmm .... wonder if the Penn Mag 10 would be a decent Muskie bait casting reel ???

Thanks again.

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I have a Mag 10 reel that was used once. Seems like it is a bit faster than the Penn 9, but a lot heavier.
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I use mag tens for surf,they are good casters,no thumb needed till touchdown.They make some strange sounds dureing the cast,and it will draw attention,but i like em.
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You removed the level wind from your Mag 10? How involved was this? Any aftermarket or made up parts to fill any voids, as with some Abu conversions?

Also, any better than stock drag washers out there that fit this reel? Maybe even Penn HT100's in the proper size?

What was the short coming that had you install an extra magnet? Any chance you can give the size of this ( rare earth? ) magnet and the position and spacing of its' location?

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Penn reels are so cool, and I bet those aluminum 210's would cast great if you were so inclined.

I took my dads like new Penn 350 Leveline "trolling reel" and added a rare earth magnet, an Aluminum spool, HT-100 drag washers, and a yucky modern handle to turn it into a surprisingly good casting reel.

Unfortunately I find the retrieve a bit slow for a lot of my fishing, but I keep it around for special occasions.

Yeah I'm picture happy, but feel it's the best way to show what I'm talking about.

As MT said they make some strange sounds casting, I say they have an almost agricultural implement sound, with lots of clacks, and pops with the levelwind in place... Seem to cast OK by me.



Just saw your post... we overlapped.

I added a small rare earth magnet I got from radio shack, Model: 64-1895. They are 1/8" diameter, and I think 1/10th inch thick. I added it nex to the main magnet N/S to fine tune the magnet already installed when I switched to .35mm line or smaller. Without it, the reel was a little too racy for my preferred no thumb till touchdown tune.

HT-100 washers are no problem at all, or smoothies if you want to go that route. The conversion is very easy, and I could help you step by step if needed. Never saw any after market parts for these 10's, like Accurate, Tiburon, Area Rule, etc...

Good luck,
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Your photo of the modified Mag 10 shows a few parts removed. The obvious are no slotted post and line guide. What is the green paint applied to the worm shield?

THAT looks cool !!!!

You must feel the improvement in casting having removed the worm, worm gears and worm bearings.

I was thinking earlier that a magged out 210 could be something to play with. I do have a few aluminum spooled ones here.

For the time being, I will consider working up a couple of the Penn Mag 10's. Maybe I will chase a few down and get back to you about what steps to take.

I meant to ask you something else. I notice some reels on E**y refered to as Penn 10. Is this a shortened reference to the Penn Mag 10 or is the Penn 10 a non magnet version of this reel.

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Just goes to show how well the part was made. Actually that isn't the worm shield painted green, but a custom made aluminum bar with recessed ends anodized "Mag Elite" green. It is fitted with two stainless screws, and really looks great, IMO of coarse.

Here is everything removed to help you visualize the conversion process, and it all can be put back to make it a levelwind anytime:

Really is dead simple, and turns the reel into a hot-shot. I remember about 7 years ago while first casting it post conversion, I very stupidly hit the "brakes" with my thumb just after full power. It literally scorched my thumb brown/tan, and the line melted fusing it in places! Still makes me shudder!

All Penn 10's I know of come with magnets (Mag-Tuned), and the older ones come with cool green torpedo handles.

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Did you do anything to your Penn Mag 10, such as remove the levelwind and worm assembly for casting? Any other suggestions on using this reel?

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Both my tens are stock and from the mid 80s.i have casted almost 300 feet a few times on the field,but im averageing 240 to 270 consistant.I use 20 pound trilene xl very carefully . A shock leader knot will not work with the leveline,do not even try it,unless you are gonna remove the level wind after its bent .I was gonna convert one of the tens,but had no luck with anyone that still had conversion bars.IM sure these reels will get some distance after the mods,but for anything past 300 feet im still a squidder fan.My tens are on a 10 ft tica and a 9 ft solaris,chaz,,,ps,,like i said,with a 40 pound shock leader and the levelwind removed i know that i will get 340 to 360 ft.
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On an offshoot the Penn 9 with the plastic spool will cast all the way down to the dacron backing spooled with 15# to 17# line.
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I use both, the Penn 10 and Penn 210.  I call it the Lil Penn 10.  The lil penn 10 can handle a fair fish, musky size, with good line.  I through them pretty far on a Penn 8 foot rod.  The penn 210, I have place a 1/32 rare earth magnet on the bridge with super glue.  It is enough to slow the reel down a lil.  I can still through it with a 12 foot ugly stick almost 300 yards.  Using 20 lbs clear steel, 4 oz, and 5 oz bullet sinkers.  If you are casting for distance as I do, it requires light oil on the bearings.  The 12 foot ugly sticks, 20 lbs clear steel and the penn 210, theres nothing I can't reel in.   40 to 50 pound Bull reds are no problem.  They just don't build reels like the Penn 10 and 210 anymore.  They are built like tanks. 


The Penn 350 is a vintage reel, but holds 350 yards of 30 lbs and no friction from a levewind. The casting is about the same, but using 5-6 oz sinker getting out to 270 yards plus with the 12 foot Ugly sticks.  The reels have  aluminum spools. The brass and stainless spools are heavy and spin to fast.  The lighter spools are easier to control.     

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That is correct, the 9 has a 3:1 ratio and the 10 is 4:1.    The Pen 209 and 210  is the same 3:1 for the 209 and 4:1 for the 210.


I have found that 3:1 lets my sinker drag the bottom.

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