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Good Brand of Vinyl Replacemnt Window??

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Got any opinions for me?? I need to replace some super drafty, non-functioning 80 yr old single glazed windows on the second floor.

We're not going to stay in this house for very long, 3-4 years, so we don’t want to blow beaucoup bucks on this project. We just don’t want to buy windows known to be junk because we have no idea who makes good mid-line product.

We'd like to stay basic, under $150 per window, double glazed, no grills, low-E not required. The one thing I don’t like about some vinyl windows is they have joints where the vinyl is wrapped at the corners of the windows that look like they were made by children….

Air-Check in Clifton?
United Window in Springfield??
Pella's Therma-something vinyl window line at Lowes?
That vinyl stuff from Home Depot??
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I used to install vinyl windows back in the day. Back then there were all types of proprietary patents form seaming the corners and joints...but not any more since they all expired and everybody uses the same technology.

Check your Sunday paper. They always have vinyl window companies adverts. Certainteed Inc. makes a good inexpensive window and they also install them.

Good luck.
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Like speedracer said ...they are all the same anymore with the way they are welded. Go get some quotes from depot, lowes, the local supplier etc. The only real consideration that I would have would be to look at the locking mechanisms, some of them are pretty cheap looking still, but all in all any new double glazed is going to be far superior to what you have.
The correct installation and sizing are the real key to a good job.

Children need their fathers

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I just installed certainteed vinyl in all my windows(new construction). I've used replacement's before and have had good luck with them. Life time warranty also
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Certainteed is definitely a good recognized name brand for vinyl windows.

Make sure the windows have welded seams for the sashes and the frames, i.e. all the way around.

I would stay away from the Home Cheapo Amer. Craftsman models-even though they are welded they leak air where the two sashes meet at the edges in the middle of the window.

United windows(I think that's the name) makes a good vinyl window fully welded and that is tight when closed.

Good luck.
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I do a lot of dealings with replacement windows so here's my 2 cents. For the money Survivor Technologies in Hillside NJ is the best bang for your buck. They have the Heartland series window that comes standard with low E, argon, foam filled extrusions and Hearty wrap around the outside of the frame and you can get this window for like $140 up to 102 United Inches. If you want to know where to get these pm me and I'll give you the phone number for a branch in your area.

Simonton will run you more money but are an excellent window, equal in quality with the Certainteed window.
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Hey Dub's I wonder why
I used to have the certainteed account back at the old job. That is how I resided my house for free!!!
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FWIW, I just today had my windows replaced and I used Air-Check (Window Depot) in Clifton. 31 windows, 9K installed for an average price, installed, of about 300. Very professional installers, took 2 1/2 days, did a nice job. Low E glass, argon.

I won't know until winter whether they really work but I'm happy so far. 2 neighbors have used them and are very happy, one of the neighbors is in construction himself and he recommended them to me.

BTW, Sears wantd 32K if I signed that day! Also, I checked with the state (NJ) to see if any complaints had been lodged againsed Air-Check and they only had 1 on record and that was for high pressure sales tactics, something that I did not experience at all. I figured 1 complaint total isn't worth worrying about
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remember to insulate the sash weight pockets, or the windows will still be drafty
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Consumer Reports has an article on replacement windows in this months addition. You might want to check it out.
I replaced my windows with Seal-O-Matic located in Neptune. I am very happy with them.
If you are going to DIY make sure you get the sash adjustment tool to adjust how hard it is to lift and lower the window. Assuming they are double hung.
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What is the diff between using replacement and new construction

ie.. price, ease of install, sound blocking , price?
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Originally Posted by Dubs View Post

Simonton will run you more money but are an excellent window, equal in quality with the Certainteed window.

As Dubs said Simonton is one of the best. Sears has Simonton build their windows and just changes the locks on them to say Sears. Simonton has been for a few years ranked #1 with consumer reports. One thing you need to find out is if the seal goes bad on the glass how long do they warranty that for? I work for Sears and if your glass seal goes bad 8,9,10 years later they pay for the glass and the customer pays a service fee ($100)to come out and install the new glass. 2 locks are better than 1. Do they have a rail Rail lock ( keeps 2 sashs together when closed). Dont get a window with spiral balancers ( helps window go up and down easy) they do go bad and you cant fix that yourself. Requires a special tool to remove them and you have to know how to re-crank the balancer. All the windows have cheap parts on them...go with a company you know will be around in 5 years should a lock or a night latch breaks or your buying a new window. I'm a newbie but had to jump in with my 2 cents....good luck
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I need 38 windows and in middle Delaware
any ideas???
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I used Royal. Each was custom sized fro the application. 3yrs and still happycame with 20 yr warr.
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