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I currently own a broad range of Newell's within the 400-500 series that I have used here in Hawaii for the past few decades. 


Newell's overall are exceptional casting reels. Prior to the Accurate and Tiburon kits that are now available for them, the only problem or change that I would do immediately were the drags on them. The drags were not ' Bad' , just needed a bit more considering the types of fish that I was catching with them. Adding on a Tiburon or Accurate kit to these reels was like adding on a super charger to a already hot motor, they really accentuated and enhanced the perfomance of the reel, especially the Aluminum spool versus the stock graphite spools. 


I have not used the 200 series that you speak of, when needing a reel that small, I was at the time using a Penn Squider with a Tiburon kit, worked really well. 


As Big Dave mentioned I believe it was, all of the reels which were listed are exceptional casting reels. I don't do as much 'Slide' bait fishing these days, and have gotten into using other reels from various manufacturers. I still have all of my Newells and Penn squidders and Jigmasters, just don't use them as much only because I am not sliding bait out like I used to. 


Two thumbs up on the Newells, damn good reels, never had one crap out on me while battling a fish, pretty versatile reel.  Let me dig the Newell reels in my storage unit and I will post some pictures of them , some are still stock and others with the Tiburon and Accurate kits on them. Sad to say they have taken a back seat to my plugging for GT and Bonito endeavors the past few years. 

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Having come across this thread earlier peaked my interest and motivated me to dig out the Newells and handle them again, been a bit neglectful of them as of late. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I just don't use them that often anymore due to the different species of fish that I target. No way shape or form would I be able to throw plugs and stick baits with these reels paired with a 12' heavy rod. What you guys in the main land refer to as 8 and bait... no problem, these reels handle. 


Most of the Newel reels that I do have are with the Tiburon and Accurate kits on them, spools, handles, frames and drags have been modified. I do have one or two in their original condition.


These reels obviously are much larger than the original size mentioned with the thread, although larger, these reels are a joy to cast and fight a fish with. Spooled at minimum 60lb mono and 8 oz of lead, I still get 100 plus yards on average with these guys. 


A few years back I was able to get a hold of one of only two made 'Green' aluminum Tiburon kit frames for the Newel, I to this day have still yet to complete the reel and use fish it. Notice the heavier lines , rub line and leaders already set up on some of them. Gotta have this set up for the type of GT fishing that I do, Sliding 1 to 3 pound live bait will entice some of the larger fish to come and eat. 


Since throwing plugs and stick baits for GT from the shoreline is my new passion, I may only use some of these reels once a month if that. Sad thing is, I own equal amounts if not more reels from a variety of manufactures, all of which are fully functional and very good reels. 








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Gosh, I remember this thread. I love casting the 220's and have had a few since this thread. Too bad Newell is around anymore!

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Originally Posted by jimmy z View Post

Gosh, I remember this thread. I love casting the 220's and have had a few since this thread. Too bad Newell is around anymore!

Yikes!!! I guess you've had a chance to try them out without needing me... I really need to look at the start dates more often. Anyway HI JIMMY!!
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Hi Kev. Yeah, quite a few, lol I like them a few years ago! I replaced my last 220 with a Penn 146.
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