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LL Bean waders and serivce

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I bought a pair of LL bean west branch waders in May of 2005. I used them sparingly in the summer but used them alot in the fall. Well this season my right foot was wet and the area around my crotch was wet as well. I figured that the crotch was wet because I wore a spot jigging in the canal as I put the rod between my legs while I jig and the foot was wet because the integrated boot foot neoprene stretched out from me taking them off and on.

Well I have not been fishing since July 4th (and man is it killing me!!) and wont be going until september so I decided to have my waders fixed before the next time I go fishing.

I called LL Bean to ask what was the procedure to have my waders repaired. The person on the phone told me to send them in and we could look to see if they could be repaired. I asked if I could go to an outlet store and drop them off because it would probably be easier and they said sure. The person on the phone also said that I could return them then buy a new pair and if the waders were broken due to a faulty seal or a defect they would credit my card for the full purchase price. I was skeptical about that and since I was not fishing until September I thought it would be best to have them repaired as I did use the product and the leak may be because of the way I have used them.

Well today I was up in Nashua, NH and decided to bring my waders to the LL Bean outlet store and fill out the paper work to have my waders repaired. Well I get there and the person said that she has never sent in waders for a repair and called the manager over. The Manager comes over looks through a return book and there is an entry that says the waders are not repairable so I start to get grumpy because I will need to buy a new pair before the next time I go. I only had the waders for 1 year and it would suck to have to buy a new pair every year (I had my previous neoprene waders for 10 years but my belly has grown and the waders did not. I chose LL Bean because of the quality of the product and reviews from this site).

Well I was shocked to hear from the Manager that the waders are not repairable and I could return the waders for full credit to buy a new pair. I asked the manager if this was ok because I did use them and she said "The waders should have help up and not leaked in the time that you have used them".

What they did was give me a store credit for the $259.00 and then ordered the waders online for me because they did not carry any in the store. The manager did not ask me to enter any information on line but put me in touch with someone on the phone in Maine to finalize my order. All I had to do was tell them my name and where to ship the NEW pair of waders to. What was cool was that now the waders sell for $219 so they said they will send me a check for the difference and they waved the shipping.

Well I can tell you that I will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy another pair of waders from any other company because of the service LL Bean gave me.

Please if you are even in need of a new pair of waders please purchase them from LL Bean as they deserve you money.

Thank you LL Bean you have a customer forever!
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They've always had great service. And high quality products.
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im guoing to be buying w apr of the westbranch waders by LLbean. glad to hear tehy stand behind there product
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I'll second the fact that LL Bean is a great company to do business with! Cabela's has always been good to me as well. These companies just do it better!!!!
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I've had great service from Cabelas as well.
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Bean has great service.

I put a hole in my west branch waders last fall and they gave me a brand new pair!

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believe it or not im on my 4th pair only bought the first one and never had a problem with the returns they even ship 2 day priority free
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After reading this post lastnight I took my leaky West Branch waders to Freeport . Got a full refund for more than I paid and pick up a brand new set of Gore tex wicked tuff waders plus a set of slip on studded boots. Super light and very comfortable . I ended up spending a couple of hundred more than my first pair but with that service its worth every penny.
On a side note, I also took the family and they had a free bluegrass band playing in front of the fishing store and we ended up having a great family day. LL has got my business from here on out.
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I've actually heard a product manager say "our waders suck".

all you should have to do at the store is use the magic words "i'm not 100% satisfied" and they'll take care of you.

Haven't bought a thing from them or been to the store since they moved all the hunting & fishing equipment to it's own store.

The maine sportsman is no longer a value to bean's and they've let that message be loud & clear.

Coincidentally...cabelas is coming to scarborough, just 20 minutes from bean's
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i have used many pairs of both beans and orvis breathables and they always leaked sooner than later, although customer service was great replacing them it was a pain in the ass and it sucked getting wet especially in the fall. i finally broke down and bought the simms guide weight waders,they have worn like iron ,i am really tough on my stuff and don't take great care of my stuff. worth the $$$ in my opinion.i was very happy w/my cabelas neoprene waders great price,neopreone is easy to patch but after using breathables i don't think i will ever wear neoprene again chris
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I had the complete opposite experience with Orvis. Paid top dollar for "breathables" they leaked. I tried to send them back and they would not repair them, or replace them, or give me any credit whatsover.

I now also have a pair of simms gore -tex, and they are awesome...highly reccomend them.

I have also had similar encounters with LL Bean. Full refunds, no questions asked...

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I agree.....great service.....they stand behind their products 100%
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I spend almost every outdoor dollar and clothing dollar and much of my children's clothing dollars at LL Bean. They are not perfect, but they treat me better than any other retailer I have ever used.
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The Wicked Tuffs are great. I got them when I brought back my west branches. LL Bean has got my wader business for the rest of my fishing life. PS they sell Sims too.
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i got the same waders, can't say a thing bad about them for about half the price of simms

if guys are interested in saving some money at ll bean, check the buy sell trade forum
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