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Matapeake and Romancoke fishing piers

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I'm planing to go to either of the piers on Sunday ... any ideas on what I should be looking to catch and what bait?
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unfortunately not much going on in those 2 areas, Romancoke has some blues, and Matapeake is pretty dead except for some stray perch/blues it seems.
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Thanks for the input. Have you heard anything about Point Lookout (PLO), Piney Point, North Beach, and Sandy Point or Kent Narrows bridge or even Choptank river bridge? Don't have a boat but I just want to get out and have some fun and relax.
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I just came back from Kent Narrows about an hour ago. Not a very good day to say the least. Caught two jumbo perch on peelers and had numerous run in's with skate. One of the larger Skates broke my dad's Lami XS10MHS as well. As for some of the other spots you've mentioned, I know the Choptank has some croaker and that's all I know from first hand experience.
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Pt Lookout is very good now. Probably better fishing off the riverside than the bayside.

Any small watercraft would put you into breaking bluefish, macs and stripers just 100yds from shore.
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Here is the latest report posted on the website of Rick's Marine :

Fishing at Point Lookout has been better this week. Large Spot, Croaker, Blue Fish, Flounder,an occasional Trout and some Rock were caught off the Fishing Pier, out by the Lighthouse, inside the State Park, on the Causeway and off the beach. Cut Bait (alewives/spot), Squid, Shrimp, Bloodworms, Peeler Crab, Shrimp and Clamsnouts all have been working well.
Big Croacker are being caught behind 72A. Early in the morning and night fishing seem to be the best times for catching. Some fair sized Rock are still being caught. Blue Fish have been plentiful. We have had a few reports about some small Mackerel in the area. The Middle Grounds, the Mudleads, behind the Targetship and Point No Point have all been good spots. Chumming and Bottom fishing are in although some are still trolling with marginal success. Around by the Boy's Camp Perch, Spot and some Croaker have been caught.
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