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Penn 750ss

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Well now that Im hooked on surf fishing Im slowly expanding the amount of gear that I have. A guy I know is willing to sell me a 750ss for $50 but I have a couple questions first. Other than cosmetics and visual signs of abuse what should I look for on this reel to make sure Im getting a good deal?

My other issue is, the reel is about 12 years old and hasnt been used in a few years. Would sitting that long cause damage, or would a good cleaning bring it back to life?

From what I understand these reels are built like tanks, but Id still rather get a few opinions first. Thanks all!
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I use a couple of 650SS... metal bodied... reels and like them a bunch. The 750SS should be good as well. I think the sitting would only effect the grease and lube aspect as long as it was put away well cleaned. The reel probably should be cleaned out and re-lubed before use. Make sure it is a 750SS and not the later 7500SS.
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Im 100% sure its a 750ss not the later model. Im still pretty new to all this so thanks for the info.

Any specific greases? I forgot to ask that in the original post.
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The 750SS is a pretty good reel. However, be aware they are no longer produced. They have been replaced with the 7500SS. The main gears of the 7500SS differ slightly from those of The 750SS and cannot be used in them. You may have a difficult time locating a Main Gear for the 750SS if you need one. I am sure Penn could help you though.

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Fish2much...I have had my 750ss since it was introduced in the mid 70's..i have never had a problem with it no-matter what abusive behaviours i could stow upon it...I still use it today when i feel my age and want to just sit there like a dummy and watch a rod tip for 1/2 a day or a port induced nite..It has been through a couple of hurricanes, one tornado, rolled in the sand till it resembled a candy-apple, dropped repeatedly, cursed at when drunk and stupid, misplaced, lost then found, moved with me all over several states, rained, snowed and hailed upon and forever dunked in salt (and fresh) waters, but it still works like a dream..It has caught my first 20, 30, and 40 lb fish, and one day it will break the immortal 50 lb barrier...Its like an old three speed on the column shifter..Very few moving parts and industructable..A bit heavy yes, but very strong..I would put it in front of me as a shield in a gunfight..It is 30 years old and all it requires is a re-greasing every once in a while and a good nick-name..I long ago started flipping the bails on my reels manually then stripping several feet of line to prevent line twist..the post on my 750ss is worn to hell from thousands of bail actions but continues to work that way if i desire so..I only use it these days for bottom fishing and with its original fiberglass is great for that..If it were me, i would buy it with the knowledge that i would own a product that continues to exhibit, in its simplistic, well manufactored design, all the properties that fishermen desire..
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WOW Thanks for the info guys.

Still another question. Hopefully the last for now! All my other poles have 20lb power pro on them, but this is a much larger reel than Im use to using. Should I just line it up with mono and add a flourocarbon leader, or can I still use the braid but just increase the size a bit?
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A 750 should handle Fireline fine. Either 20 or 30 will work. 20 probably won't fill it all the way, and you probably won't get the whole 300 yards of 30 on there--it's kind of a tweener sized spool. Bigger than a 704 but not as big as a 706.

Power Pro??? What was I thinking???
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Well I got the reel tonight!!! The reel has a little wear and tear but it looks pretty dang good for a reel over a decade old! I'll try to post pics later

Ive decided to go with spooling the reel up with power pro. My question is there are no grooves on the spool to hold the black electical tape on as backing so that the braid doesnt slide on the spool. Any other ideas on what I can use as backing for the braid?
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that reel is built like a brick shithouse.

get it to somebody who knows penns and get everything set up just right- check the drags, lube it, check bail spring and gears. get a general check-up and it will last forever.

not sure what you are going to use it for, but i would put 50# power pro on it. that's 12# diameter i would also scour ebay for the rare extra 750 spool and put mono on that, if you like.

good luck, man.
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You will not have a problem with the 750.I would remove the housing clean old grease and put some new stuff in.Put some oil on the shaft under spool.And also remove the drag washers and clean them.This is providing that the reel turns smooth,if not clean and lube the bearings.I would also go manual as the for manual is the same for the 6500-9500 series,dont worry about parts you can get them at a B&T that does repairs.If you elect not to go bailless I would get into the habit of closing the bail by hand.As I dont use braid but I would use mono or Dacron as a backing.If you have a problem taking it apart PM me.
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I spooled up 40# power pro on my 750 and 300 yds only filled it 2/3 s of the way. In retrospect I should have backed it with a good 30yds of 40# mono...I wound up strippi.g it all off and switched back to mono again anyway.....I put the power pro on two of my 8' inshore rods....I prefer mono in the surf...not to start another debat e
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Of all of the "fad" and "hot this month" equipment I have seen come and go and be replaced by the new improved version, I have had a 750 on my 31 year old 11'6 lami-glass pole since I bought it.

They may not be the most stylish but they last and last and if you DO hapen to bang it up or strip a gear (happened to me once) replacedment parts are always easy to find.

Since I fish around rocks and also do a lot of bait fishing, I prefer yo-zuri hybrid as my main line (great abrasion resistance), backed up with a couple hundred yards of power pro.

Maybe it's a tradition thing for me since my Great Grandfather always said "Penn is the best" but you'll never catch me fishing with anything else.

Course, since I haven't really tried anything else, I suppose there are a lot of guys out there that might be able to give you a more experienced view point.

I'd grab it anyway... tough to go wrong with a penn.
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If you go to the Penn website, they have schematics of most of their popular discontinued reels. There you can check to see what parts from the original 750 and the 7500 interchange. The 750 and 7500 both use the same 6-60 HT 100 drag washers as many other Penn reels (including the 704/706 and the Squidders). The spools interchange. The bigger 850 has the same internal parts as the 750, too.

The part that wears out most frequently is the white metal crosswind (spool oscillation) gear.

Also, the 750/7500 is stupid simple to work on yourself. Almost as simple inside as a 704.
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Antireverse is poor, otherwise a perfectly decent reel that was designed for mono and needs the Fireline, per DJ, or other stiff fused product (if there are any others - DJ?)
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I have a 750 and abuse the balls off this thing dunk it like crazy has been on three hard core trips to the M and as long as u take car of it rinse it and grease it every now and then I use yamaha marine grease. Also it takes 300 of power pro 50 lbs with mono backer I use at least 50 or more of braid cause of the wind
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