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Garcia Mitchell 488 & 498 ?

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Hi all,

My grandfather recently passed away and I inherited a few of his old fishing items. I received 2 reels- Mitchell 488 & 498. Are these worth anything? They seem to be in good condition. Would they be worth fishing today? I assume these are for surf fishing. Thanks for any info.
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Pic 2
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The Mitchell 498... What memories that reel brings back. Back in the day, that was THE hot reel. I'll bet I still have 3-4 of them. My dad and I used them for years bouncing worms in the canal when I was a kid. The manual pickup and the skirted spool is what really made that reel.
As for value, aside from sentimental value, I'm not sure they're worth all that much. I know I would hang onto mine just b/c they bring back memories of my youth on the canal.
I still used one of mine for fishing eels up until about 15 years ago. The reel still worked like a champ. But, given the new generation of spinning reels, the 498 is sort of obsolete.
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Still good reels and can be fished but if they were your grandfathers, I'd save them. In reality, they had their day in the 60'svery early 70's, they're heavy and rough, coffee grinder isn't way off as a description. As for collectible value, if they were brand new in a the box with all the paperwork, ya' couldn't get a hundred, without the box, paperwork and being used its a $35 reel.

I know GOS (Granpa Ol Spook) was a big fan of the old Mitchells and he chastised me for saying they had their day, maybe someday someone will tell me the Penn 706 is an antique and I'll thumb my nose at them. GOS knew his business but he was stubborn as a mule and change was difficult for him to accept. I know Sudsy tinkers with these clunkers too, you nver know what kind of outfit he shows up to try out.

I guess if if you wanna get an old Harnell Rod and stick it on and once in a while catch something for nostalagia its ok, but todays reels are so superior its not close as to considering it as an everyday spinner.
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Originally Posted by Highlander1
I know Sudsy tinkers with these clunkers too, you nver know what kind of outfit he shows up to try out.

Hey Phil

I still fish my old Mitchells but Highlander does have a point, reel tech has come a long way from the 1970s. The Mitchells are big, heavy and are definately lacking in the drag department in comparison to todays reels. On the flip side they're tough and can handle a lot more abuse then any Okuma or Tica out there.

On the extremely negative side, some parts have become nearly impossible to get.
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They're worth keeping, and fishing. They're tough as nails. If you do decide to sell them, the 498 is worth more than the 488. There aren't as many skirted spool ones around.
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Thanks for the input
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I'll probably fish the 498 on occasion.
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Both are great reels, i would keep them and fish them. But if you want to make some cash i will buy them of you.
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Thanks for the offer striper14, but I think I'm going to hold onto them.
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I'll keep you in mind if I change my mind.
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Nice reels, parts are the problem. Seen guys sell drag washers and line rollers for $$.
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i would save em
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Mitchell 498 !! !!

Man, THAT was a heck of a reel! I loved that manual pickup. My ONLY complaint was that you had to be careful that the handle didn't swing forward on the cast as if it did once in a while the line would get caught on the roller (instant line snap). The reason was that when you rotated the handle so that the spool was fully extended the reel handle was always in the "up" position and this was on 2 498's that I owned. I eventually solved the problem by adding a washer under the handle so that it was pointing "down" on the cast with the spool fully extended.
Good line lay pattern, strong as heck. I would fish with it.

Good luck,
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well they also made the newer ones from graphite and made the manual folding so it gets out of the way and when you fold it down the rotor and handle locks up so it dont catch or snap the line very up to date technology for the times
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