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Is the Penn 113HSP the ONLY wire line reel?

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It seems to be the only one that says it is made for wire line. Are there other reels that I am missing?
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I use 2 old Jig Masters they have metal spools and for 10 years not one failure.
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The key is metal spools. I use 500 jigmasters all the time. You can change spools with it too. The plastic can split.
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My Dad and I have been using jigmasters for over 35 yrs. w/ metal spools
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Okuma makes a Convector for wire line. The CV55 SS, I think (SS for 'stainless steel'
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49-L is a good wire reel.
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metal spools are the key
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The narrower versions of metal spooled reels are preferred over the wider ones too.
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The 112H is good too but it has to have the metal spools, which they no longer make. The 113 is the only one Penn makes now with the chrome over bronze spool. If you are lucky enough to have the metal spools you can have them stripped and re chromed. The alum. spools just don't hold up. The jigmasters I use also with the metal spools. For me the 113 is just to darn heavy. Paul
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Canyondiver is right... been using them for 20 years, pretty much 90% of my boat fishing is dragging wire.
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Hello from Italy,
I’m inquire concerning a PENN reel for the use with wire line (MONEL wire)
The PEEN made reel HSP and HLW model but I don’t understand very well what about the differences among them.
Can you help me ??
Thanking in advance
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I think by "metal", the posters above mean either chrome over brass or stainless steel spools. The metal spools made of aluminum are no good for wire line - the dissimilarity of steel and aluminum causes corrosion problems.

HLW is the same as the H series but has a Wide spool

HSP refers to High Speed, Special Purpose - the newer 113 HSPs have a stainless steel spool and are perfect for wire line trolling.

Good luck!
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thanks for your support
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Right on the HSP has a steel spool to resist damage from wire. I also use a Penn 49L which I think is better for wire because the narrow spooll keeps the wire and lead lines from twisting up. Penn does not make them anymore but you can find them around as trades or e-Bay
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I have a super mariner with wire line,dont know if they still sell them anymore,not sure though.
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