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Homemade Sand Cart

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Anyone got any homemade carts? A Fishmate ain't in the budget right now so I'm looking for ideas.

I got four wheels off of a kids electric jeep.

It needs to be big enough to carry a tacklebox a 25qt cooler,sand spikes and maybe my rain gear.

I don't know how to weld so it needs to be made out of materials that can be glued or screwed together.

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Try using 1 1/2 pvc pipe. Can buy sraight lenghts, tee's and elbows. cuts and glues easily. use long treaded rod for tire axle. tires may give you a problem-may dig into sand too much.
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I would use pvc, and you can find nice tires at harbor frieght for next to nothing. Thats what I used to build my kayak cart. I think the tires I have are 14" by 4" and they work great in the sand. Good Luck , Rollcast
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nice tires
make sure you use pneumatic tires that work well with low air pressure. any hard wheel will dig into the sand
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Get yourself an old hand pull golf cart at a garage sale or flea market, or even, if you are lucky, at a golf course (sometimes the rentals are just "tired out", and they may give it to you for nothing, but it could still be good enough to serve your purpose)......retrofit the wheels, and get imaginative with the rest for the cooler......and the PVC rod holders are the ticket.......
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I'm glad to see this topic. I lug way too much gear and have been thinking of a better way. I'm thinking about one of those combination cooler/chairs made for deer huning combined with a fat wheeled cart. I'll be interested in the thoughts/replies on this topic. I saw a couple of guys with rod slings that appeared to sheath the rod in ballistic nylon that they were combining with plug bags when chasing the birds up and down Sandy Hook this year. Also saw a guy using a kids polyethylene sand sled on Plum Island (Mass.) last year. He had two small coolers, sand spikes, folding chair, and tackle in the sled. he had a long rope that he put around himself and was carrying two rods in his hand. It was on sand and it seemed to slide right along.
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I made a beach cart for Hatteras fishing but have used it here in OCNJ. I got Roleez beach wheels that I found in the trash and some scrap wood. I have 6 rod racks with a cooler rack and cutting measuring board that is 36". I attached a folding golf cart handle that works like a tripod when folded down on the beach. You can cut bait measure fish,etc. It is made out of 2x4 but you could get away with 2x3. I treated the plywood with spar boat varnish. Everything can be assembled with screws and drill. I will post pics tommorrow.
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Roleez wheels would be the way to go but they're not something you find "free" everyday. The price of two wheels is almost as much as a Fishmate.

I thought of PVC but would it be sturdy enough??
Not sure.

Two wheel golf caddy.....I had one years ago

I have an old metal suitcase carrier that I use for freshwater Piers. Trying to figure out how to get the big wheels on it.

The wheels I have are 6" wide 1' tall. They're hard plastic.

The sand sled is an interesting Idea
Shappell Makes a sled called a "Jet Sled"

Can't wait to see some pictures

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey day

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Speaking of sand sleds, have you considered those plastic snow sleds? They kinda look similar and most dept. stores should have them on sale for a few bucks this time of year. They oughta handle a cooler and some other gear if you drill holes under the lip for bungees.
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Big El,
There are several Roleez tire/wheel assemblies on Ebay as we speak...less than 1/2 the retail price for the 16".
No, they aren't mine!

Nice find Fishhead!
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Very nice, fishhead
Any chance ya can show or explain the strut-to-axle assembly?
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Looks like the rod butts will drag
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Originally posted by Charleston:
Looks like the rod butts will drag
Bill, he said he built it for the OBX, and has used it here. I'm sure he took account of the butt length of his particular rigs when he built it
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