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Leaking dormer

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I have a small leak in a dormer on my roof, where the dormer meets the roof. Nothing really happens unless it pours for a while. I'm due for a new roof within in a year, but I'm trying to delay spending the $$$. Short of reflashing, and a new roof. Would a good dose of roofing cement/tar on seam be a decent short term fix? Would Caulk be better?

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I think Ben has a lot of roof experience, so you might wait til you hear his opinion...

IMO, if you need a new roof now is the time to get it done. Leaks can do a lot of damage behind the walls (rot, mildew,etc.) and if there are leaks you can see, there just might be some you can't.

You can get roofing cement in tubes and give it a shot before you call a pro.


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You're a beautiful man, The attic is insulated with rockwool underneath the attic floor boards so I can see exactly where the water comes in on the rafters in the attic. (Only where the domer intersects the roof) The shingles are in good shape, no buckles peeling ect. No other leaks. BTW, I'm too pretty for this type of work, I really think the job calls for someone of Eastern European stock with a stronger back than intellect. You in?
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You smarmy, celtic swine, my people have history of contructing beautiful roofs. Certainly if I needed a ditch dug I'd consult you.

It sounds like you need some flashing (not the kind that caused those "troubles" for you).

Difficulty rating increases with the roof pitch

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Will you be tearing the roof off or going over the existing? As stated above roof leaks are sneaky and can do alot of behind the scenes damage. Roofing tar or Solar Seal can be helpful but they are nothing more than band aids.
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When I do get the roof done, I'll tear the old one off. What I'm basically looking for is a couple of months/if I'm lucky until spring piece of mind, until I'm able to pull the trigger on the new roof.
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If you know exactly where the leak is Solar Seal is a great choice. If you only have a general idea roofing cement is a better alternative.The roofer won't be happy with it though!
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Like Nitro said, roofing cement and solar seal are band aids but if you only need a couple of months it will do the trick. Look for a product called karnak amphibicaulk in the tube. It's much easier (and less messy) than a can of smutz. Try to seal the edges of the vally where the dormer lies and look for any apparent problems. Your going to want the amphibicaulk or any other manufacturer that makes a wet dry cement because under the shigles you'll have moisture and you want to be sure to have a good bond. Hope this helps.
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Thanks boys, I appreciate the tips.
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Is it a shed or a gable (dog house) dormer? If a shed, you could pry up shingle (I'm assuming asphault roof) and slide some flashing under the course that is above the leak and have flashing cover problem area. A little roofing cement could help flashing stay put, or a nail or two if you can get proper coverage from above course. If a gable style, I'd think the leak would probably be in the valley. Use the "band aid" and try some roof cement. Either way, think like water and do what it takes to keep it out. Good luck.
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Duffy Roofing in Lower Mills.

Pay 'em now, or pay 'em later!
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Originally posted by John O':
Duffy Roofing in Lower Mills.

Pay 'em now, or pay 'em later!
No S? Any good? I got one quote to do the roof in it's entirety, the guy was a masengil, I want to get a few quotes.
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I used them, and my family and in-laws have used them, never heard one complaint. They aren't cheap, but they are good, and neat and clean. They've been in the business probably 50+ years, the old man just retired a couple years ago and the son runs the show now. I'll have to tell ya a funny story over that beer about when they showed up to do the work.

You'd a thought it was the Chippendales Roofing Company, the way my wife and her sisters were acting.
Like the Diet Pepsi commercial.
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KLE, Nitro and Dubs got ya pointed in the right direction
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Originally posted by Ben Lippen:
KLE, Nitro and Dubs got ya pointed in the right direction
Thanks Ben!
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