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Best Rear Axle for Towing?

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This comes out of the Tahoe thread... lotta guys here like a solid rear axle on their offroad SUVs.

For towing, is there a particular axle type that we like best? On or offroad, if it makes a difference.
Your opinions?
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Brian a 410 rear will pull great but you giveup milage.I would rec. a 373 ratio. I have this rear in my saburen,and I toe a 30' travel trailor.
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sorry no edit: a solid rear axle will carry more weight.
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What are we talking here, axle type or ratio?
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Dana 60 with 4:10 gearing for normal road work.
Dana 60 full length with 4:56 to 4:88 gearing if you want to rock crawl with a detroit locker in the back and a arb air locker in the front.
this would be my pick.
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What, and where are we towing?

A full floating straight rear axle, such as the Dana 60, 70, or 70HD, would be the preferrence.
4:10's for HD, 3:73 for the norm, limited slip also.
Most manufactures that offer a "tow pkg", have the 3:73 LS as part of the pkg.
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You also can't beat a Full floater corporate 14 bolt for strenght.

I like the rear end in my montero right now. 3rd member, 10.5 inch ring gear, 33 spline axles, factory air locker.

What about 2.5 ton top loading rockwells. Weeeeee this is fun.
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here's my $.02 worth, usually solid rears carry more wright , IRS rear suspension = better ride, usually only in 1/2 ton limits , as far as a ratio my dealer tried to talk me into 4.11 ,I chose 3.55 , better all around highway gears , the sales guy said if I tow some thing the 4.11 would be better to get it out of the hole , Very True , but since I ordered a 5 speed man trans and a 4x4 , I said for those rare times I will put the transfer box in low range and walk it out , thats how I see it!!!!! by the way my p/stroken ford averages right at all around miles 20 mpg 4.11 gears won't give me that !!!
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I have 3.36 solid with 5 speed auto, tow capacity 9500lbs.
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I have dana 60 rear with detroit lockers and granny gear in my 79 F350..I could pull the house on stilts down in the movie lethal
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Tire size is a factor when it comes to axle ratio. I have a 410 gear, but I went with a larger tire, so it ends up being about 356. I pull a 10,000 lb trailer no sweat.
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Hmmm. Well, it seems that the board consensus is solid axles for towing.
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[guy with ifs] My opinion would be solid axles front and rear if you wanted a solid 4x4 tow rig [/guy with ifs]

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Depends on the application, Brian. All rigs are different. Thats why there are different gear ratios...

FINAL DRIVE RATIO is what you are looking for. Once you factor in your transmission ratios, transfer case ratio, axle gear ratio, and tire size, you'll find what will work best with your engines power band.
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410's in an 04 2500 short bed ext cab =13 mpg with a slight tail wind
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