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alaskan slide in camper pictures

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It was a nice sunny day today so i popped up the camper to air it out a bit after sitting all winter closed up. I've posted pictures of it on my truck in the down position but never any of the inside or set up. Its a plain jane set up but for a 29 year old rig it ain't bad. Its comfortable, warm & dry. The newer one's are a lot nicer but sure cost a bunch. They sure are nice for traveling if there are any winds to put up with. Can't wait for the weather to get better so we can load it up and go fishing!!!

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Surprisingly it looks like theres lots of room in there. I figured it'd be cramped. How do they seal the upper section to the lower section ?
I'd assume theres some type of fixed seal on one part and the other just slides against it ?
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That's a lot larger than I imagined. For 29 years old, that is in incredible shape. Thanks for the pictures.
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I love it. What's the brand name on that rig?
Older Campers, heavy, but they were really put together. I had a 1968 Coachman Lamplighter that took a lot of abuse, but held up great.
I love the Hard Top, Hard sides, on that Pop up.
Real Nice set-up.
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The brand name is Alaskan Camper they are built in Washington state and they have a website, all one word plus a .com. The top seals against the sides with a rubber flap type gasket. The top goes up with hydraulic cylinders that you pump up with a bottle jack type pump thats hidden in one of the lower cabinets. It weighs in at 1850lbs & this is the 10' model, they also make a 8' and both sizes are available in a non cabover style. The website also has a classified section with alaskans for sale by owners. I've also seen them on Ebay. I used to have a 10'non cabover model it was a 1958 vintage,paid $400 for it & refinished the cabinet doors & made new cushions for it. Here's a couple of pics of it

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Howdy Steve, just picked up an 8 foot '69 Alaskan, it didnt come with Jacks, used a forklift to put it in my old Dodge, now Im on the hunt for jacks. any deas where i might find some?  glennfile://localhost/Users/momdadclare/Desktop/photo-17.jpg

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