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LBI BeachBuggy Fishermen- Question For You's

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Fellow 4x4 Surf Rats- A Little Help Please...

I recently purchased my Long Beach Township
Permit for this Year and Yesterday Had My First
Chance To Take A Look Down There...

Problem Was I Had A Very Hard Time Finding
The Entrances..Most Marked On My Information
Sheet Did Not Look Like A Way Onto The Beach.

I counted aleast 20 Streets Designated as
Entrances for the Towns of:
Brant Beach
North Beach
Ship Bottom
Harvey Cedars
Beach Haven.

My Question is,What is the Best Place To
Enter The Beach or the Most Favoritable Area..

I did mangage to get on the beach
off Coast Road in LoveLadies,Sand was
Very Soft and I Needed To Air Down BigTime
Especially on my way out....

Any Additional Information would be great..
Thanks For Your Help.....
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I have only been to holgate and loveladies on LBI and noticed the beach is really thin everywhere. I am thinking that they closed off access to spots that get flooded on the high tide so beach access is really a lot more limited than you think, but I may be wrong. Getting onto loveladies was insane last fall, very steep, I haven't been there since the fall though. Hopefully mother nature with give us all about another 10 feet of sand on the island, but I don't see that happening.
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not much help here...., but... usually when i find my way on i just drive the beach (if possible) instead of driving the street. also, a couple of months back i read on jmann's site about him pulling up to one of the front beach entrances, but stopping because of the sun glare. luckily he did because on the other side the beach was gone now i always check first

i find the south beaches to have more access points for 4x4. when i go north, i'm usually looking for the big rock and don't need the truck there...
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Here's a list I got from one of the local tackle shops.


1) Barnegat Light: No driving allowed.
2) Harvey Cedars: Permits are available at the police station (494-3036). Access points are Middlesex, Bergen, and Essex Avenues.
3) Surf City: Permits are available at the police station (494-1400).
Access points are North 5th and 18th Streets.
4) Ship Bottom: Permits are available at the police station (494-1518). Access points are 5th, 17th, and 31st Streets.
5) Long Beach Township: The township (for beach buggy purposes) is comprised of Loveladies (south of Barnegat Light), North Beach (between Harvey Cedars and Surf City), the entire length of the island south of the Ship Bottom Border to the northern border of Beach Haven, and then again from the southern Beach Haven Border through Holgate. Permits are available at the police station on 69th Street in Brant Beach (361-1000 ext 203). The Wildlife Refuge is open from mid-September through mid-April at the discretion of the National Wildlife Service. A special 6-week derby permit is available for use only during the LBI Fall Surf Fishing Tournament that runs from the beginning of October through mid-November at a cost of $25.00.
Access points are as follows:
•\tLoveladies: \tCoast Avenue
•\tBrant Beach:\t31st, 46th, and 66th Streets
•\tBeach Haven Crest:\t79th and 106th Streets
•\tSpray Beach:\t\t15th and 34th Streets
•\tHolgate:\t\tNelson, Scott and Washington Avenues
6)\tBeach Haven: Permits are available at the police station (492-0505 Access points are Taylor, Holyoke, and Nelson Avenues and Centre Street.

Harvey Ceaders and Surf City passes run from the fall to the following spring. The others are good for the calander year. Last fall, Harvey Ceaders and Surf City did not open their beaches on the 3rd saturday in September as scheduled , because of errosion. They did open ~2nd or 3rd week of November . As far as access goes, I don't like 17th street in Ship Bottom. It is usually tore up with soft sand, because all the googans get their passes up the street at the police station and go straight onto the beach (without airing down of course), go for a joy ride and get stuck
Hope this helps!!
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The Township sticker you purchased gives you access from Brant Beach (where the ocean road starts) south. It also gives you access to North Beach & Love Ladies, but not Harvey Cedars (the town between the last 2) . Surf City & Ship bottom are a different pay to play sticker if you will.

There are no “easy†ramps on LBI that are “easy†all the time. An entrance that was there last week might not be there the next time ya go. As BB said get out and look before you go on.

Coast can be good & bad, I've seen it W/ a 5' shear wall and 3 days later you would have never known it was not accessible.

Traditionally the “best†ramps are:
Brant Beach, 2 blocks south of the Surf Shack
Beach Haven 3 or 4 blocks south of fantasy island (the Ferris wheel)
Holyoke if you wana head north on the sand, going south from there can be “iffyâ€.
The entrance to Holegate can be great for ½ the year and then with one good storm be inaccessible.

One warning about Holegate, watch the tide & wind if you go to the point, if you head out during the incoming, there is a good chance you will get pinched and will have to wait out the tide, it's not a big deal if you are prepared, but can be a giant deal if you try and fight it .
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Appreciated Guys,,,I am going to Print this
out and keep it handy...

Thanks Again,,,,
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Ed- What exactly is the 'Ocean Road'?
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Welcome SurfClam
The Ocean Road that EdJ is talking about runs parallel to Long Beach Blvd, between Long Beach Blvd and the ocean. As EdJ stated, it starts at the border of Ship Bottom and Brant Beach (~30th street) and runs south. Hope that helps.

PS; I think you owe a joke
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Maybe Ocean Ave? Sorry no jokes handy...
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It's actually called Ocean Ave. Here's a link to a map if that will help.
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Funny that this was bumped up today,, I was actually thinking about getting this permit again.. After that first season there I started running IBSP on a regular basis..

Has anybody been down to Holgate since they reopened it back up ?

How the terrain , any access to the end problems at high tide ?
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yea you have to air down to at least 17 i do 15 psi and the ramp i use the most is 66th street brant beach but if i have too i use any street when the take the benches out of the way and Holgate tip is the only beach open front beach except parts of beach haven LBT doesn't open the front beach opens Oct.1
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it's tough driving there for sure
coast ave was unreal at times.forget about getting out there and
you might get stuck driving on
do a search,there was a good pic of a truck getting towed.he was
really dug in close to a drop-off
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It seemd like everytime I went down to the beach at ShipBottom last fall there was someone stuck also.. Not sure if conditions were that bad or just drivers without a clue...
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