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Do-It-Yourself PVC Pipe Bumper Rod Rack?

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I'm sorry if this has been asked a zillion times - I tried searching and couldn't find some posts I may have overlooked.

I don't want to spend a zillion bucks on a cooler rack and the associated cost for welding. I just need something to hold onto the rods while I'm driving over the sand.

Seen a lot of home-made vertical PVC pipe bumber rod racks attached to a plywood (?) base.

Two questions:

1) How is the PVC pipe attached to the wood (clamps? what kind?)

2) How is the whole assembly attached to the bumper (I have a '99 Discovery)?



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You can purchase PVC pipe rod racks from tackle shops in the areas you probably intend to fish. Many of those you probably see are store bought. I knew one guy who had one and was happy with the reasonable price. Far below aluminum rack prices
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You can make a very solid rack from 2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe,Kindorf or BLine channel and their associated straps.You can mount it to your bumper with The Surfcaster's
license plate bracket.

PM me if you want some details.

Berkeley Striper Club...Seaside Park,NJ
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FishWW, Take a look in a boating supply store for the rod holders they use on boats. They are made of polyethelene instead of PVC, are already slotted & flared at the top. They come in single units or triple's and look much better than PVC. Generally available in black or white. Price? Reasonable.
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You need to contact Flounder about this - He's far and away the PVC king

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." .....Dave Barry
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PiscatorialPeePee -
Try u-bolts, conduit/pipe straps, direct screw or bolting, muffler clamps, Unistrut System aka Kindorf or B-line.
Mounting depends on what ya've got up front, sailor. I've seen plywood/planks bolted, clamped, lashed and bungeed onto front ends.
I used stainless Unistrut to hold two PVC conduit pipes. Mounting was through the existing bumper bolt holes.
Best advice is to scope out how others have installed theirs and get some ideas. Also think sturdy and secure. You don't want to loose any thing while traveling. A friend of mine shoemakered a cooler rack that dropped off on the LIE.
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Dude, your not gonna attach plumbing to the front of your hoopty, are ya?
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Thanks for the

Well, gonna do some browsing at the local tackle shop and home depot this weekend.

I'm a little constrained right now in that no one makes a front-mounted receiver hitch for my sand sled. So I have to get one custom made and welded, not sure that's an option right now.

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what about the surfcaster racks that bolt to the license plate brackets
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Why Junk up a nice truck with PVC? Jersey sruf products make a nice 6 tube rod holder its costs abtou 120$ and mounting it is easy if oyu r moderately handy at all.

John M
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I had the Surfcaster license plate mounting bracket.

Problem license plate is mounted to a very mushy section of plastic bumper, and the rod rack ended up wobbling a lot.

John - in an ideal world, I'd want a quick mount/detach system, b/c I would only be using the rack while driving on the sand (and not the highway).

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PiscatorialPeePee -
Plastic bumper... Hummmmmm...
How's 'bout four holes in the wood and using j-bolts to grab the back of bumper then mount the pipes to the wood.
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do you still have the rack?
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Here is a pic of the one I made, about 20 bucks in material and about 2 hours of labor. It looks good and works great, but if I had a nice truck I would buy the Aluminum racks. If you do make a pair make sure the backing is Aluminum and not wood. The wood looks terrible after a month and starts to rot. I went to a local metal shop and picked up my backing for 5 bucks. I just sold my jeep and the guy didn't want the racks, if you want I will sell them for 40 bucks. Its not worth to sell any cheaper....its the I built them myself type thing....let me know.
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