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SUV Rear Door Options: Hatchback vs. Cargo Doors

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Some SUV's (the Suburban for example) come with a "cargo door" option for the back (i.e., a door on each side of the rear).

From the mechanized surfcaster's point of view, wouldn't the hatchback be less of a hassle to deal with?

What conceivable advantages would the cargo door option give a fisherman?


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The one thing that I always liked about a hatchback was that you could stand under it and get your waders on in the rain.
I also broke one of the arms that holds up the hatchback on my explorer and it would kill you if you tried to stand under it now.
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Like the hatchback also. Makes a nice little shelter from the elements also is one touch operation. no need to fumble with two doors. Head room however is a factor.
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I agree about the hatchback. I also like sitting on the tailgate to put my waders on. I do thing that the cargo doors look better though.

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Hatch back means no tail gate. Having a tailgate has its good point. Place to sit down. instant rigging table if you need it. I have had both over the years and they both have thier good and bad poiints.

John M
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I like the hatchback also. Aside from the already mentioned shelter I could see the doors being a problem if you are backed into a tight parking spot. With the door up I can easily walk to either side but with the doors to the side that wouldn't be possible. The shelter is nice when the we go to BJ's for a bunch of stuff and it's pouring when you come out. (only in the off season 'cause the truck is full of gear in season!)
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Did I miss something? Last time I looked a hatchback was not an option. Doors or the liftgate/liftglass were all that was available.

Big advantage with the doors is the access. You can reach much farther in without the tailgate in the way (up or down).

Sitting on the tailgate with the lift glass up in the rain is not much dryer. It just drips on your head anyway.

Stepping into the rear with the doors is also much easier than getting up onto the tailgate.

I suppose that if sitting on my butt was a concern the tailgate does make a good seat but for all other reasons, the doors win hands down.


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Let me post one for the cargo or "barn doors" as they're sometimes called. I had a tahoe with them, and it's much easier to reach into the vehicle, without having to reach over the tailgate. The cargo area of the tahoe/suburbans are quite large, and stuff always works forward against the back of the rear seat. This was a 98 model, and the option was either cargo doors, or tailgate/window then. Today I believe it's a hatch, wich brings in other problems; at 6'3 I've slammed my head more than once on the hatch of my cherokee. I vote for barn doors.

Stu C
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Rear hatch is great if it's got the "hatch within a hatch" i.e., operable rear glass like the Ford Explorer (for one example). Bein' able to access part of the rear cargo area without having to necessarily to lift open the entire top-hinged rear hatch every time is a huge plus. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers see fit to offer this. The Dodge Dakota's one comes to mind that could benefit a lot from this option.
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On my 87 Suburban I liked the rear tailgate that the window slippped into. I dont know the proper term its too early. Well anyhow, this way I had a place to sit, make rigs, etc.

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There is no hatchback option with the Suburban.

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That is the one thing I love about my Blazer. I can pop the window open and flip the tailgate down. The window,like others have said, gives a little cover from the rain. Also, since it is only a pane of glass, it opens up enough for me to walk under it, unlike the Explorers and Jeep GC's that I have been around and always end up hitting my head. Also, I can pop the tailgate and it folds down. So, not only do I have some cover, I have a seat as well.

my .02

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The Burb comes standard with a hatchback or what ever you want to call it.
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Just checked the Sububan site out and the rear options are either a lift glass and a tailgate or the doors. No hatchback. A hatchback is a fully intergreated lift door that is all inclusive.

Suburban = NO HATCHBACK!

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Although I do sit on my tailgate some,it mostly serves as a table I find it would be hard to do without!

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