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Trout While Raining??

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Since it is my first year doing the fresh water thing i have a question....
It is productive to fish for trout in lakes when it is raining?
if not...
How soon after the rain stops will action start again?
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I caught my biggest lake trout in the rain! 12.6
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I've often found that fishing while it's raining is better than the bright sunshine days. Some of the best trout fishing I've ever had has been just after a thunder storm. I fished a section of river only picking up 1 fish in like 1/2 mile. It started pouring and turned the water just off color and in the same section that I just fished, I ended up with about 25 trout on the way back to the truck. Sometimes the rain can be a trigger for fish.
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Rain is good as it can help disguise you and the bait you offer. I love to throw spinners in the rain the trout love them and the bite can usually be very consistent.
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Rain on a lake helps cover up your approach and presetnation mistakes. On a stream, it can ruin fishing if the water is already high and off color, but as Dubs noted if it's low/ clear to begin with, it will really turn fish on. I consider about 2 feet of visibilty perfect.
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Oh man, I love to fish in the rain, for all the reasons mentioned above...especially in a fast moving thunderstorm, with LIGHTNING!!...way cool as it passes over the Sierras...
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fishing in the rain is the best my father-in-law catch 5-15 lb in Mo what a fight that was go for it you will love it.
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I do well with trout in the rain.
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