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Duhernal Lake/Dam Spotswood NJ

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Anyone know anything about this lake other than it was jointly made by 3 big Jersey Chemical companies(Dupont,Herculese, and National Lead).

Can this lake be fished from Shore? If so how can you access the shoreline? I know that they do hold some Amatuer Bass tournments on this lake. So I know it's fished, but I can't seem to figure out how to get there without haveing to walk through woods.
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Weedy as hell, I used to fish it extensively back in the 70's. Mostly pickerel in the lake, and everything below the dam in tidewater. Haven't been there for 20 years or so, and the last I remember, they had it pretty well buttonned up. Curious to see the replies...
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You can definitely find shore access. I used to mostly fish for catfish back in the 80's. True about the pickeral too.

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Can you elaborate more about access points?

Tombro: Do you mean Buttoned in off limits?
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Sorry for the delay, Pre. Yes, it is off limits as per the water company. Under the dam is good, but I don't think you can get in there anymore.
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Sent you a PM...

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prefessa, you got mail
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I grew up in Old Bridge and fished Duhernal lake for years. In fact back in 60's there was a beach there and you could actually go swiming. Since then it has been drained and refilled a couple of times to try and eliminate the heavy weeds that grow there.

As to fishing it, it can be fished from shore. The best places to try is what we use the call the penninsula - at the beginning of Riverdale Ave. Park near the pumping staition and walk through the woods towards the main part of the lake, you will see a portion of land that sticks out in the lake creating a sort of pool - not far. Used to be great Pickeral there.

The other place to try is near the "channel". Follow the trials back into the woods near the pennisula as if you were walking towards the old Budweiser factory on the other side of the lake - when you walk as far as you can you will run into it. This main channel runs from the Dam out towards the other small lakes towards Spotswood. Right near this channel are small canals that run into he channel - these smaller canals used to be very goods for bass and pickeral.

Hope this helps
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apparently there was access a few years ago, and a tackle shop that rented boats, but i spent quite a few hours driving around it and now every inch is posted for no trespassing.
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Used to look forward to the trips with my Dad to Duhernal a pickeral fans paradise
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I knew about the No Trespassing Signs at the lake. They have actually been up there for years and sometimes have been enforced, but usually the guys who work in the office and visit the pumping stations located around the lake leave you alone - especially if you fish the dam.

I too have very nice memories of that lake. I caught my very first fish there when I was 11 years old in an area we used to call the cove at the end of Riverdale Ave before it turns into a dirt road. Best time used to be late April early may before the weeds came in. Once the weeds came in the lake became tough to fish unless you went to the Dam or out to the Channel.
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I been fishing that place for years,I remember when the seals used to come upbelow the dam
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Well I'll tell you what so far a couple of guys have got the idea of were duhernal is and a couple of fish species that are in there but they haven't mentioned any of the true monster fish that actually live in there. Now dont think I'm gonna be the guy to tell you about it thats just something your gonna have to find out on your own.But I will tell you that its not closed or off limits to anyone, everything is accesible as long as you know where to go and make sure you got your fishing license.Sorry guys your not getting anymore hints from me your just gonna have to do your home work on this one and ask around but I'll let you know that when you do find it no matter what lake you wont be disappointed.
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hey, all....I can second the pickerel fishing - very good at the peninsula, especially the cove side (North, I believe) that ran back toward the road and the little string of ponds. One day my buddies and I caught over 20, using "killifish" on bobbers - used to buy the killifish at a "bait shop" on englishtown rd, almost to the gardens (I lived in the estates) - an ols bearded guy had a "tub" where you could dip out a dozen for $1.00. Fishing below the dam I would catch an occasional eel, sometimes a perch - not as good of fishing as above the dam (bullheads) - or alomg the shore for pickerel. I caught a perch there once that was 13", just trolling a spoon from a buddy's little boat. I think it was the only perch I ever caught there. Never did catch any bass - just lots of pickerel (which we always threw back). I moved away in 1967, but went back in 1989 or thereabouts - went down to the beach area and dam - no problem - saw an osprey over the lake (now, that was something I never saw there when I was a kid - the lake was kinda on the "getting polluted" side then - lots of algae in summer in the middle, weedy, and god knows what was getting into the water from the old factories and brewery - not to mention the little ponds that fed into the lake down by the peninsula - it was not uncommon in the 60's to find empty 55 gal drums in the water - we'd use them to build rafts! doh! about naive....good to talk here, lots of memories!
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By any chance is there any way to launch a kayak or maybe a small flat bed boat with a low electric motor?

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