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Stokes State Forest

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Going with a friend camping and fishing this weekend to Stokes. Will be camping allong the Flat Brook. Any one been fishing? I will be using a fly rod and thoughts on fly's to use? Thank you.
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fitz, the sissystickin' section is loaded with fish. the waters a bit skinny, but they are still taking all kinds of bugs regularly. the major pools are overloaded and the fish in them are finicky by now, but a few can be caught with their guard down and there are some brutes among them. try the subtlier holes with a dry/nymph combo and i am sure you will enjoy some fish and space, and an occasional respectable fish when you least expect it. enjoy one of the best places in nj. good luck!
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In addition to this chart, I would bring, mosquitos, slate drakes and black wolly buggers. I hope this helps.

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Thank you,
I love caddies fly fishing.
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if you happen to find a small, olive morrell foam box with the initials dt on the hinge side, take out the spotlight olive emerger and please return the rest to me. mostly my rejects in there, but that emerger kills them and is a just reward. lost last monday somewhere below warner's pool.
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Fished south of the Roy Bridge on Friday afternoon. Did not see any fly boxes. One brown on a nymph. Nice looking pool with lots of trout but they were very picky. Had a bear scare the pants off me to.Saw the bear coming down the mountian trail and yelled at it. Bear went up in the air and then he went one way and I went the other.
Saturday we put in the Big D north of the dingmans ferry bridge. Very deep area, saw lots of small mouths but noting foe eather one of us. Never have a lot of luck with flyfishing the Delaware. Fish were again very skittish. Anyone have any luck on the big river? whats it take? live bait?. Fun being out even with a blue gill and one perch for the effort.
Came home today and hit the North Branch at 202/206. Ended up with one 12/13 inch brown on a caddies. Again saw lots of fish but no takers.Some days are just like that.
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SM on the Delaware are best taken on small poppers, at sunrise, on the flats while wading. During summer, when water temps approach 80, fish the whitewater with streamers. Mickey Finns, Clousers, etc. Good stuff, and all day long.
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