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Please define exactly what a Googan is please..Ya I know if you have to ask you probably are one . This is your chance to let the googans have it. speak now or forever hold your peace..
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i think its a guy who you tell where the big fish are and he wont go.would rather get on line and cry.or its the guy with the "upside down" spinning reel.
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so turn your reel over
IM a googan
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i need some googan blood for my grail as a sacrifice to neptune.........beware the grampa.
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Just look in the mirror

I'm sorry that only works for me

"A legend in my own mind"
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Lots of googans at Nut Island (Houghs Neck) yesterday, now I know why they call it "Nut" Island. Anybody else out there with me yesterday.
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OUCH !!! that hurt Poppa, the truth always does. still ain't got no fish ... I knew that be coming Jag.. ( don't stick your chin out around here )...tough crowd !!
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I'm a googan.., you're a googan..., wouldn't you like to be a googan, too...............
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a googan is :
we fish in all kinds of nasty weather and at night april thru nov ( for most of us ) we are fishers .
a fisher does not have is mind right !
a googan is right with his mind !
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Easy there John O' there are fellow Nutters here. Actually since all the Dorchester people are fishing nut island, thanks to a certain bait proprieter who has never been there, I was at Umass Boston on Saturday. I drive a black Ford Expedition, with ski rack, just in case you want to say hi next time you are down there.
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specialist Nut Island has always been a good place to catch a few nice large fish,.Before I get to far WELCOME to the site.
It can only be better since the stuff gets pumped over to Deer Island now. Is the gas odor present still. Caught some of my first Tautog from the right side along with good Flounder,we had to put up with the Gas smell from the enjestors. The best bass fishing was at night,needed a special pass to fish as the gates were closed,is that still the case now???

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walked out there at low tide got stuck?
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The Jimmy Hendrix Spinm, or the one with 50 lb test and his drag completely rturned up so eithr his line/rod always break aned he just dont know why. poor guy

Money,Power,Fishing......what you need in life.
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Bassmaster getting unstuck was always a problem,were you following me around ??
I can remember one reason never to wear waders around some of the islands was it was to hard of a job to break the suction.
I had to cut myself free one time and then I started to use hip boots instead. One did need to wear something,back then as the muck was not always clean if you know what I mean.

Does the name Junior Champayne ring a bell with you????

I liked to fish German town, more consisting fishing and the parking was not a big problem back then.

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