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Ronz lures

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Last year we used the Ronz lures with great results! Unfortunately we bought them in a rather expensive sports shop. Is there anywhere you can but them bulk or online? Thanks for your help.
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Not spam, we bought them individually last year, not even in a package of 3...and they were expensive.
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never heard of them
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David I am surprised that you have not heard of the lightening Ronz plug.

They have an unusual shape and come in multi colors that are also unusual.

It is called the thunderbolt plug series, gauranteed to catch the big ones.

Completly wired through and balanced for ultralight casting.

Big fish inhale them like the real thing.

Look for them in your local shop soon as the supply will be limited.

They work real great with a nine or ten weight fly rod.

Sharing is what we do accept it or not

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Are those the one's that are made out of biodegradable material like golf tee's

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What's a golf tee?
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I think they look like a very small pencil popper Hard to cast--no hooks---they just get caught in the fishes throat sideways--they kind of choke on em

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Thanks for all your help guys! I can see you're a friendly bunch.
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Originally posted by sonny88:
Thanks for all your help guys! I can see you're a friendly bunch.
Not that people here aren't friendly. It just seems others are like me and never heard of them.

Others might have seen this as you getting ready to spam. There have been a few instances like this when someone signs on and is a new member.
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So tell us about the Ronz lures .... I can't seem to google any up. I'm already thinking about rigging a large golf tee with a little stinger in the back as a teeny tiny popper.
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Seadogface---keep the pointed part to the rear and you will get better action that way

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We would like to welcome another Green Mountain lad to the site and once you get into things you will see that most are ok, except for Pff and Joe G. and myself at times.
What part of the mountain are you from sonny88???

Spent a little time in Fair Haven and Tinmouth center milking cows along with fishing in Lake Champlain and a few rivers.

It was only yesterday as I recall the year was 1950 or here abouts.

That plug would match up very nicely with the new Spidy Flex rod , but I do not know what reel to put on it How about a little help P>F>F>

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I live near Montpelier and fish the Cape any time I can. I also fish Champlain for sal0mon and lakers. Last year i bought this soft bodied lure with a bullet head. I have a hard time lining them up right so they swim well. This one had a head that fit the body well and a hole in the bait so you got the hook in right. It outfished every other lure me and my crew were using. I looked online and in alot of the tackle sites and couldn't find it. That's why I was asking you guys. I'm ALONG way for being an expert and realize I don't have the time spent on the water that most of the people on this site have...that's why I asked.....wish now I hadn'
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On the Spidy-flex rod=---I would go with a Penn Senator-130--good drag system--holds plenty of line but is a little tough to thumb during a cast Once you get it down though it should handle just about anything that swims in the Canal I would also spool it with a good braid--anything but power pro--spyder wire would be my choice

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