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Penn 7500 fishing reel

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I'd appreciate recommenations from the SOL'ers

I'm disappointed in my Penn 7500 reel. I bought it new 4 years ago, used it approx 10-15 times per year. Last August, 2001, the anti reverse broke, leading to lots of knuckle busting for the remainder of the trips that I made. During the winter, I sent the reel away for repair. Yesterday, suddenly, the reel became very hard to crank. It appears to be well lubricated. I will not spend another dime on this. Therefore, I need to buy a new spinning reel.

Recommendations are requested. I'm looking in the $150 price range. Any comments on the Shimano Stradic or the Baitrunner? I bought a Shimano sidestab for fresh water quite a few years ago which continues to perform flawlessly.

It is likely that I will buy a reel on my trip to the cape on 8/27/02, and would appreciate any recommendations or comments.

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nautil or the big one slip and JP uses
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BM - thanks or the response. Save me the trouble of searching the archives. What is the "big one" that "slip" and "JP" uses. Note: Thurs am, approx 0500, I watched the fisherman next to me tossing plugs with a spinning reel combo nearly 1/2 way across the canal....I was impressed.

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Nautil 7500 Get the yellow one.
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Or jump up a few dollars and get one of the large size Ahab spinning reels. Made by Finor and great feel to them and quality. I forgot to mention the only downside is the reel is heavy.

BTW, my 5500SS started to do the same thing this spring while fishing with BM on the cape. I tore it apart and thought it should be fine because there was grease everywhere. I removed the old grease and replaced it. It works like new.


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If ya plan on getting it wet,get the NAUTILUS,I got the black one ,so far so good
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Uncle Matt: I also took my reel apart this morning. It was chuck full of grease, however, it looked like "fresh" grease from the Feb 2002 repair job. The grease was light yellow in color and pretty clear. I cleaned most of the grease from the main gear that connects the cranking arm from either side. I didn't notice any difference. I applied Remington gun oil to the shaft holding the skirted spool. That didn't do much either.

Thanks for the response.
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Check the crosswind gear--I don't have the schematic handy so I can't give you the part number. It's the smaller of the two round gears, and it sits under a small block towards the rear of the reel. The 7500 is supposed to have a brass one, but when that reel was still the original 750, that gear was white metal and was famous for wearing out in a year's heavy use.

Get the Penn 704 or 706Z if you want a durable reel under $100, or the Nautil 7500 if ya wanna spend about a buck-and-a-half.
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I fish conventionals most of the time but... when I do use a spinner it is a Nautil. The infinite anti-reverse is awesome.
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Fib, I too have Penns (7500, 5500, 4500's, 704)I have seen the quality going down hill.I got a Shimano Stradic 6000 and 4000 these are sweet reels, much better than the Penns.I also have an Ahab model 12 that is very smooth.I bet if you try any of these reels or others , as BM mentioned, you will be much happier than with the Penns. johnny "the Ratt Boy"
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The part number on the crosswind gear (at least according to my old 750SS schematic) is #231.
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To all that responded to my request for recommendations...thank you very much. Please keep reading, I'll give you all another chance for recommendations.

I recently ordered a Nautil 7500 yellow from the SOL on-line store.

I also ordered 50# Power Pro. This is my first experience with this braided stuff, I've always used mono up to now. I'd appreciate any recommendations on the use of backing, what types of knots to attach to spool, heavy duty leaders, or directly to lures/hooks. Thanks.
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