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Best mono fishing line for Tuna

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What are you using for 50 lb. class standup gear when targeting pelagics?

I have a set of 50W's that are spooled up with Power Pro or Whiplash backing with some mono topshot...which is fine if I'm fishing with a small group.

I'd like to have one setup with all mono just in case. I was thinking 80 lb. Jinkai.

Any thoughts on running line and leader (for trolling) would be appreciated...thanks.

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You can't go wrong with that!
Just use a flouro leader.
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WeeWee, after using just about every mono known to mankind for tuna I can tell you that the last one that will make it's way onto any of my big reels in Jinkai (read Junkay!). It won't withstand a nick, any abrasion is a pop off, virtually guaranteed. A trim tab, the hull, another rod, you name it - BOING! The toughest mono I have put on my rigs is Momoi, better known and referred to as 'meatline'. A very close second, and perhaps just as good is the Trilene Big Game in clear. If your reela are 50W's, then 80 is ok, otherwise I'd consider using 60 if they are standard width spools.

Good Luck man, I wish I could be going with you!

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I stand corrected...
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We used to use Jinkai then we switched to camo line.

SOL # 642
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Joe, I wasn't trying to sound as adamant as I was, but, I kinda got a handle on FWW, and when he asks for the 'best' he means it. While I hold the line on what I said, there are some caveats that come into play here, for instance, in a crowded environment with a bunch of guys that have no real idea what they are doing. Then you can't beat good old Ande mono. The stuff if far and again the thickest mono not taking into account real offname brands for it's line class out there. Party boats that charter out swear by it, it takes a beating and holds up. If FWW was spooling up a 9/0 to go fish with on a party boat tuna trip, then 80# Ande is the ticket. Sticky star drags, people that don't know to get out of a hooked up angler's way, tangles, they all play a big part in that type of situation. Maybe, just maybe the Jinkai could hold it's own on a private boat with guys really good at the game. I just broke off too many fish for no good reason, 90% of them on stand up gear with SIC guides, not rollers, so perhaps some heat build up may have had something to do with it, but I highly doubt it.

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Thanks guys.

I understand that one of the biggest criticisms of Jinkai is that it is too soft. I'll admit it is mushy - I haven't had any problems with it but I wasn't fishing with a large crew (tangles, etc).

I'll give Momoi a shot.

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Okay, did some research.

There are two choices out there for Momoi...

"Hi-Catch" is what I think MichaelP is referring to.

"Diamond Line" appears to be a newer offering and more $$$ (breaking strength way over listed lb. test).

Another dimension to explore is line color.

Up here in the NE, smoke blue appears to work fairly well. But in southern waters I'm wondering if one should be more cautious and go with the clear line.

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FWIW all my smaller reels (50s & 80s) are spooled with Berkeley big game, for leaders I use Jinkai, mainly 400 lb test, but sometimes 200, especially on the smaller lures.

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Heya Mike.

I'm a big fan of Berkley and Ande mono for inshore applications. If it ain't broke, why fix it? I dunno. I guess I just want some extra insurance for those offshore critters.

We'll be trolling rigged ballyhoo. So I suspect we'll be using leaders on the lighter side of 400 lb. test.

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After years of Tuna fishing on the Headboats out of Sheepshead Bay the concensus there, as touted by the great Capt Al Coley from the Betty W.....

PINK ANDE!I have seen days where the Pink line ruled and clear or Smoke Blue stuff couldn't get bit!

I saw this happen in all out blitzes were guys had me rig them up, put on the same shots/sinkers and bait their hooks for them because they had oil on their hands. They still couldn't get bit until they borrwed one of my outfits!

If I had to come out of retirement from Offshore Tuna fishin' I would go 300 yards Spectra Backing with a 100 yard Topshot of PINK Ande.

Now Ande has more memory than the Japanese superlines, but, Ande is CHEAP, Strong and Abrasion Resistant! Doing the spectra backing/Topshot thingy will allow you to fish FRESH line on every trip! Also If a fish takes you under the boat and frays your line in may even be possible to Re-Spool the top shot in ~10 minutes.

In 1989 I went through 5#s of 80# Test.With the current sustem I would have been able to gety away with 1-2#s for the season.

To Quote Al Coley......"You gotta' use ya' PINK line for Tuna fishing!"

What I will note here is that we didn't have Flourcarbon in those days. Perhaps a flouro leader would have done the trick, but, PINK Ande consitently gets bit!
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Pink Ande is what most of the Grouper guys in Florida use also!! I can't imagine the floro leader would hurt.
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I'm going to second (or third) Mike's opinion of the Momoi. I have Berkley 80 lb clear on my 50 and tying knots with it is a mother compared to the Momoi 80 lb. I can't speak to abrasion resistance, but when it's 4AM and you need to retie the Momoi is the way to go.

Thanks for making me think of tuna on a snowy night.
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For bally I would go down to 200lb test Jinkai, you can actually snell the hook on with that stuff. Tie knots with no problem. But a lot of guys like to use light wire for trolling bally.

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