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Leftover London Broil

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I need some ideas what to do with some leftover London Broil,maybe stir fry or pepper steak?Its still pretty rare but a thick cut.
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Partially freeze, slice real thin, let it return to room temp or heat gently = steak sammie.
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Fajita's - slice it thin, season with some salt/pepper/chili powder, throw it in a raging hot cast iron pan with some onions and peppers. Serve with warm tortillas, cheese, salsa, fresh guacamole, and sour cream.

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What they said, or make beef jerky......slice it thin, marinade it in soy and/or teriyaki for awhile, then lay it in a glass casserole in a single layer, add garlic powder and a bit of salt (and spicy Montreal Seasoning if you like) to both sides, and place in a 150-175 oven for about 6-8 hours to dehydrate.......

Made some last week, and am still snacking on it....
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london broil panini's...
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Chop it up into very small bigger than a dime. Cook up some garlic and onions in som olive oil.....toss in meat....add some salt and pepper.

Put on hard roll open faced under broiler with some nice cheddar on top.

Put some ketchup or whatever you like on it...and you've got yourself a nice cheesesteak!
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Slice and pan fry to go with a steak n egg breakfast!
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Stroganoff ! - cut into long little larger than bite size pieces. Sautee in butter until about 1/2 done. Remove beef w/ slotted spoon then use the juices in pan to sautee a couple of cups of mushrooms & minced whole onion.
While shrooms & onions are cooking you can combine 1/2cup flour, 12 oz of sour cream, 1/4 cup of milk or cream, and tablespoon of beef boullion (or beef stock - if using the stock - forget the milk/cream). Whisk together and pour into hot pan w/ shrooms/onions.
Raise heat until bubbling - then lower and simmer until thickens - add meat back into the mix and cook over medium heat few more minutes. Season w/ S&P - serve over extra wide egg noodles.
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steak salad?

if you have one of those frying pans with ridges on it, heat it slowly until it is again a bit warm in the middle

cut it very thin across the grain

toss it with just a little tangy,light (horseradish, lemon juice, black pepper, salt olive oil, balsamic or rice wine vinegar) dressing

serve on romaine lettuce with whatever goodies you have in the house:

grated parm, artichoke hearts, carrot matchsticks, fresh raspberries, cuke ribbons, dried fruit, toated pine nuts, pecans, bits of orange, avocado, a few capers maybe.....
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Some good ones but I think Stroganoff wins!Its for the Restaurant.Thanks
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sorry Jelly - didnt see that you were a chef until just now. Would have just left it as "Stroganoff" if known
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