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How to cook a striper fillet?

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Fillet is skinned. I usually place it on a cookie sheet, add a marinade and place on a grill for 20 mintes.

Any other ideas???

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20 mins??
That seems a bit long, but I don't know your grill.
The secret to cooking any fis all the way. is not to cook it all the way. There will be residual heat in the mass of meat, so it will continue to cook after it is removed from the heat. Pull it off when it's really close (barely underdone) and it will be perfect.
As for recipes? Dip in egg wash, roll in freeze dried potato flakes (Idahoan brand) seasoned with salt and pepper and pan fry in butter. One of my favorites.
Boned but whole (inside out), stuffed with seafood, mushrooms, parmigiano, herbs and a bit of fresh breadcrumbs. Moisten thye mixture with fish stock, stuff the fish, stitch it closed with butchers twine and roast it.
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figure 7 minutes per inch of thickness; better yet cook it till it flakes - 20 mins. seems long

I sprinkle the fillets in bread crumbs, butter em' up, and squeeze a fresh lemon over them and put them on foil - grill, and enjoy
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I usually sauté for about 10 min. over high heat. 2 TBLS of extra virgin olive oil, a little butter and turn up to high heat. Throw a little cut up onions, peppers and sauté until soft. Season the fish with your choice of seasoning. I like some S&P, some dried oregano, a little chili powder and whatever else is in the cabinet. Crush up the dried herbs to release the flavor more.
Sauté 5 min on one side and then turn, I then take 1/2 lemon and then squeeze over fish while it is cooking on the second side. You will know when the fish is cooked when it is starting to seperate. As stated above you don't want to over cook, since the fish will continue to cook off the heat.
ENJOY!!! Nothing better than fresh fish!
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I like to boil them for 50 minutes...

Seriously, I marinade for 30", then grill medium at eight minutes or so aside. As CanyonDiver said, the key is to let the fish finish cooking off the grill.

I also like to use brown sugar in the marinade to caramelize a crust on the filet.-see striper recipes thread.
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My wife once convinced me to use one of those bamboo Asian fish steamers that are shaped like a fish. I forget exactly how it works- I cook a lot, but this was her deal. We used some fresh ginger, garlic and tamari (soy sauce) and did it up Asian style with fresh stirfried snow peas. Pretty d@%n good!

Grilled with OO and garlic is always great.

Garlic is great with anything!
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Flour, mix in salt, pepper and any seasoning (herb) you like (BAM for me) or a little old bay. Take the pieces of striper and lightly flour 2 flat sides opposite each other.
In a deep frying pan peanut oil and butter, a good bit of butter. Place the striper in the pan on one of the floured sides until it browns, when it does turn it to the other side until it too browns. Do this to all the pieces your gonna serve. Stack them in a tray or pan. When all are done cover and into a 200 degree oven. Then dice 2 or 4 decent size shallots, if ya need more butter in the pan add it. Add the shallots to the pan and allow them to start to wilt. Add a dry white wine, cover the shallots and reduce. Stir to pick up the browned flour and incorporate it into the sauce. It'll brown up real nice. After about 15-20 minutes pour the sauce over the fish and serve.

<Edit - Chief, I don't think you wanna be frying those strippers.....that may be a felony, ya know.... >

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poach it......

get a water bath, put some carrots, celery and peper corns in it. PLace fish in. When the fish floats its done......simple as can be and my fav way to eat it.

one thing you need to use the carrots celery and peppercorns. you can really taste the diff without it.
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Its all good. One more been doing lately but got to admitt I like the seared olive oil/garlic pepper/seasoned salt deal best.

Simple - get some House of Autry flour. Just cut thin pieces moisten with water and shake in bag with Autry mix and fry till golden brown and done. Sprinkle with Old Bay. Do my small kingfish fillets sameway. Serve with good tartar sauce.
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Try this...
1 fillet in baking dish.
add some lemon juice.
cook for 10-15 minutes at 350.
Take out of the oven.
melt 2 tbs of real butter w/ some crushed garlic.
sprinkle breadcrumbs on fish with butter.
add some black pepper, a little salt and some parm cheese.
back in for another 5 minutes on BROIL. Til golden brown.
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i like fillets skinned and steamed in those aluminum throw away pans.

marinate/cover fish in worchestah sauce, a dash of white wine, few lemons or two - put the lemon slices on top of the fillets, cover everything with sheet of aluminum foil. cook on med heat, till (almost) done on grill or in the oven.

serve with same white wine, salt, pepper, and lemon slices. goes nice with baked potatoe..

oh, to mix it up so its not the same everytime i add a few different spices in with the steam. small pinches of oregano, parsley, basil, or red pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, on and on..
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