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Can you freeze liverwurst/ patte'

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I just picked up a couple of containers of this awesome calves liver spread. I am sure this is going to turn some faces green but I love this stuff, it is a great spread for a toasted bagle in the morning!!!

I am home on spring break but I want to take stuff back home with me to CT. Can I throw it in the freeze to freeze it for the ride home? Or should I get a small cooler or something.
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I'm a bonafide "liverwurst" fanatic. Braunsweiger or Mother Goose is the best! Having said that I think you should be able to freeze it but you must defrost it slowly, as in the fridge for 24 hours. Mine never lasts long enuff to have enuff to freeze .

Have you ever sliced off a 1/2" slice and sauteed it in a bit of butter? Great as an appetizer with mild cheese and grapes or on a sandwich! Of course it'll stink up the kitchen but who cares?
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When the jones liverwurst and braunsweiger goes on sale I by a $h!t load and freeze it for months.
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The Jones Farm is in the clear container right? I actually like oscarmyer better than that, but the stuff I have now is the best!!!
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Speaking of liverwurst... MotherGoose is the best! But I cannot find it up in North Jersey anymore... does anyone know who sells it?
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KoQ is gonna have a heart attack when he sees that this thread was "resurrected" on Good Friday......

Sorry, Mike, I guess you and liverwurst and Good Friday just have this karma thing.....
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Hard to believe that was almost a year ago, huh Steve? I figured for sure one of us would have been struck by lightning that day.

Meat on Good Friday is one thing, but Liverwurst...that's just tempting fate.

Happy Easter bud.
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Actually, that would have been a good (albeit extremely difficult) question for Gilbey's SOL trivia contest......
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