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Dogfish Recipes - Anyone tried any?

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Here's a question that should both display my ignorance (no big trick) and stir up some replys. Last summer on a party boat out for blues, we were being besieged by dogfish. I was chatting with the guy running the galley. He said that he had filleted out a dogfish the year before, fried it up and that it was quite good. I did a search for dogfish recipes and came up with a few. Also, comments that it is often the main ingriedient in "fish and chips" in england. Also, its often sold under other names. So...... has anyone on the board given it a try? thoughts on filleting/cleaning/steaking the critters.
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Gotta cat? Feed the kitty!

All kidding aside, any of the creatures on earth, for the most part, can be eaten by man. I mean look at burgoo! The simplest way would be to bleed and ice 'em and fry. I always thought it was wolf-fish, not doggies that go into English F%C but more'n likely I'm wrong!

You wanna give 'em a shot; more power to ya!

Let us know what ya think!

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I had dogfish in Italy this past spring. It was served with a variety of other seafood that had been boiled and dressed with EVOO some fresh herbs and salt and pepper. The dogfish was pretty mild and tasted just as good as any fish I had over there. It's no cod or striper, but it tasted pretty good.
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Breaded & Fried!
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Kill it and gut it as soon as you catch it. After filleting the dogfish, store it in a ziplock with lots of lemon juice, it will help to neutralize any residual ammonia typical of shark meat.

Do you remember how they called that dish (and fish) in Italy? I am from Italy (living in the US) and never saw it before, but at the time I was not much interested in seafood.

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AS I was informed the other day, the SPiny's are what thy use for F&C, not the Smooth Doggies. Apparantly there is a big difference in taste between the 2. THere's also a commercial and REcreational bag limit on Spiny's.
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Head, fin and gut them and place on ice as soon as caught The fillets wiggle like eels in the frypan but they are pretty good

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i have heard you should also soak them in milk for 20 minutes....their kidneys are not too efficient and the milk dissolves uric acid crystals...i bought shark at the supermarket once and did not like the little crunchies
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Idon't remember the name of the dish. It was only told to me as boiled assorted fish. I had the dish in Venice.
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