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mahogany clams?

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I saw these at stop and shop today. They were like 4 lbs. for 2 bucks. Has anyone ever tried them for roasting or half shell. I love littlenecks and these look the same size but I find the price to good to be true. I didn't buy them today because i needed clams for party, and did not want my friends to be guinea pigs. Lets here your thoughts on them. Thanks, Dave

Dave Collins
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They are quite good.
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I've bought em twice and didn't like them both times. I used them in a gumbo and in a Zuppa de Pesce (sp?). Both times I found them to have a stronger, fishier flavor and a lot of sand.

Spook, do you think I just got some bad ones? How do you prepare them???

"Any time a man ain't fishin' he's fritterin' away his life." - Rancid Crabtree
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I like the mahoganies, I soak em in water with about a table spoon or so of corn meal or cracker meal (helps get rid of grit) water for about an hour and then rinse them good. I like to cook them on a grill, when they pop open they are done and very good.

RFA Member
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I thinik I had'em steamed and like them.
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If they are that cheap now I know why they are a staple of the Quarterdeck Seafood Buffet.
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I do not like them at all. There is no comparing them to a Jersey hard clam.
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I rinse them well and grill them.
None of the clams come close to a Louisianna oyster.
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They are good in sauce......I throw some in when I make "NJ style" mussles marinara (Hot type!).....just make sure they are all fresh (closed) when you buy them......definately are cheap enough.....

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Since I started this thread I will say that I bought 2 #'s and roasted them, after the second clam I threw the rest out, full of sand and very fishy tasting. I will stick with RI littlenecks thank you. Dave

Dave Collins
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Honestly I have never had them, however my monger recently sent me a "select" little neck & man these things are pearls! I will let you know where they come from, very uniform, plump & tasty... raw or cooked
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They Are A Cheap Way Of Mentally Thinking You're Eating Littlenecks
How To Cook
Put A Dozen Mahoghany Clams On A Board- Cook For 10 Minutes- Throw Away The Clams - Eat The Board

Free They Are Excellent
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I made the mistake of trying to have some on the half shell. Yuck!

They were OK steamed with wine, parseley, cilantro and onions. Probably OK in marinara too.
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They are fine, unless you are used to the real clams. Without them, what would we compare a little neck to????

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I had them just the other night, as they were on sale for $1.99/lb. They are good in marinara sauce with mussels, but I wouldn't eat them on the half....
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