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Sandy Hook to Sea Bright surf report

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Still lots of small Bass in the area taking clams and Storms. No size to speak of, 20 inch was the largest.
The weather was horrible wind to 25 mph and 5 to 6 footers crashing now and then but they are still around.
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Are the GPS co-ordinates going to be available as well?
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Jeeze Jeff its February are you really worried about spot burning.
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Originally posted by fishingnuke:
Jeeze Jeff its February are you really worried about spot burning.

good for you for being out in feb in that mess...
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Hmnnnn....we (or at least I ) was under the impression that bass eventually migrated out of NJ waters for the winter. Seems like resident populations have taken hold....just wish those small bass could survive to one day become slobs.
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There have always been resident populations. Not all of the bass migrate.
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It looks to me that these small fish that are still here , are Hudson River fish . Some of them are yellowish looking which I have seen many times before fishing the upper Hudson . I beleive these fish will stay on the surf as long as the water temp doesn't drop so bad that they pull out and run back up the Hudson , and lay in the deep holes , until things warm up again . Normally by now most of these fish are up there with the covers pulled up tight around thier necks . That's just my opinion , But I've been wrong many times before .

OH BTW.... TNT(Davy) , ED P from Rahway , DEE-WAIN , and I caught over 150 bass this past weekend . DEE-WAIN had one then measured 26.5 inches . I'm lovin this winter .
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Is DEE-WAIN a union guy who works in the city? If so, nice catch for a great guy Get him here on SOL if you can.
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Rich, were you guys pluggin?
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I just saw your post in the other thread.
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No I wasn't using plugs but a gentleman next to us was and he was doing just fine. Samll white storms type with a teaser.
By the way this report covers a good ten mile stretch so why is anyone worried about spot burning? And it is February and it is strictly catch and release and not very many people are even out side. Lighten up with the sarcasm!
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I cant beleive that I'm catching fish in February . 12 this AM from 18"-24", all on plastics. Somebody needs to show these little guys a calendar.
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Hello JoeA ;

I do beleive we are talkin about the same guy . He works on setting up play's in the city . He is one U-nique individule . He's a great harted guy and can catch the fish , he's also good at clearing out spots , when things are not going well for him , he has no problem expressing his anger at himself , OUT LOUD , in front of everyone . We talk about this site alot , I don't know why he isn't on here yet , I'll talk to him again this week end .

Toad ;
As RICHK said , the same is true with me , I'm throwing 99% small rudder on a 3/4 oz. jig head . I have found that I'm catching more fish on this then even storm shads . I don't even carry my plug bag anymore , just a few packs of rubber , some jig heads and small spool of 20 lb. flourocarbon , and start walkin the beach until I find them . I have been fishing a little south of where RichK is talking about , but not that far . GOOD LUCK "SWISS"
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Guys is this strictly a daytime bite? Just curious..
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I know of a guy that caught 75 bass this weekend from the surf in Monmouth County, on rubber shads. Amazing. What are these little guys eating? I can't imagine any bait being around, not have I see any.
I might have to break out the gear.
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