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Janes Island channels

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Any one familiar with the Janes Island channels? Specifically the one from the Ammenessex to the campground and then the one that runs from the campground out to the front of the Island (the beach areas).

The campstore worker said that I should be able to get my boat out to the beaches as they have a dock out there to tie up to. Our boat is not huge (30' ) but we do need about 3-4' of water to manuever safely.

I have been through the channel from Crisfield to the Ammenesex on the Lady Anna so I am sure I can get back in there but I am not sure about the other one. I have family coming down from Chicago and would love to take them out to that beach if I could.

Thanks again!

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Hi Doug,

As for the channel up Fordy's ditch (the canal directly across from the park marina) I don't think I would run a 30'r up there to that dock to use the beach. It's a tight channel as you get near the dock and only about 5' on a good tide.
Why not run out to the backside of Janes Island on the Big Annemessex side and look to your left directly across from the last marker there is a nice section of beach just off the bar that sticks out therethat lots of folks like to use. You've got about 3-5' near it and it tapers easy enough to just anchor off and wade ashore.
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Hey, Doug- Matt's right, I wouldn't take a 30' boat up the creek across from the park, not only is it confined, theres always the chance that kayakers are gonna pop out of one of the guts! If ya go past the park headin' north to the Big Anamessex, stick close to the 1st 2 daymarkers, the crabbers run their boats thru there, but at low tide yer gettin' close to 3'. Besides the bar Matt mentioned, there is more sandy beach as you pass around the north side of the island. I'm guessing you are familiar with green head flies
Pat in Joppa
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Hey guys ... thanks for the info. Oh well, I guess a smaller boat is my future ... but after I have fun with this one.

I have to tell you I would need some pointers on how to anchor up close to shore near the bar. If I see others there I could see what they are doing. Without seeing what the area looks like I would not know the best way to do it. Do people anchor up on the beach? Use a short anchor rope and anchor 30' off? Sorry to sound like an amatuer but guess what ... I am! Thats why I am seeking as much professional assistance as I can.

About the green heads. I get nailed by them every time I bring my boat into the marina. Are they bad out there on the sand bars? What time of year do they go away? October? Are they worse than at Assateague?

Thanks again ...

Matt ... I say you polishing your vehicle a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was looking at houses and he wanted to see the one at the end of your road. If I see ya on the water I'll stop by and say hi.
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I say just go in close to shore as your draft will allow and just anhor on along those beaches or anchor off the beach itself (depending on which direction the wind si swinging the boat).

Those Greenheads are worrisome but are generally outta here once the weather cools.

You should'vs stopped to say hi when you passed me. I take it that your buddy did not buy since the home is still for sale. The Whitelocks have a nice place built not long after mine but I heard it's pricey. Heck I'd sell mine for a bundle too but would still never be able to afford other property in town with the prices they were they are now.

Maybe see you on the water sometime...
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I have kayaked them and at low tide my hobie pro angler 14 which has fins for propulsion get stuck in the. Mud. You can get to the dock but be prepared to wait for high tide to come back in to get out. The island is nice for y ou and your wife or better yet your little ones. Hope it helped Pete
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Welcome to SOL pete :wave:


Make sure ya check the dates first before you reply. bit dated..

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Welcome aboard gentleman. No problem with bumping the occasional out of date thread but use some discretion for sure. Glad to see some new faces in the Chessy forum.
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Duh, Thanks New to this but nice to know someone read my thread. Thanks Solus

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Hey there. Just curious... What can ya catch when you go beyond the island (Having a kayak of course) never fished passed the island but really want to try. Perhaps the time of year would tell me what type of fish are around besides stripers. How deep does it get? Have you ever fished it? Am I buggin you yet? Pete

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