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New to Stripper Fishing

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I'm just getting into fishing and could use some help. I want to fish Sandy Point SP and would like to know the common rigs used for strippers and anything else that may be around. I am using an 8.5' spinning surf rod (will also be going to OC area). I will start this month and fish as much as possible year round so I understand that preferred rigs will change with the season. I guess I'm looking for some of the basics such as hook type/size, lure types, rig configuration and bait types. I would also like opinions (I know there are many) regarding lures vs. jigs vs. bait during Aug and Sept. There are probably more questions that I don't know to ask so any references I can go to are welcome. This may be a bit much for a forum post but any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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The best thing to do at Sandy Point, if you don't have a boat, is to rent a boat there. Hit the pilings as you work your way out to both rock piles and the monster piling. Jigging with Bass Assassins and Stingsilvers will usually work for Rockfish, Sea Trout, if they are up that far, White Perch, and Croakers. Bloodworms, squid, clam, and cut fish will work, too, if you want to use bait.

Ok, if you are fishing from shore, your best bet is to fish from the jetty casting towards the bridge pilings. Yes, you are casting across the travel of boats.

Use either small Spots or small White Perch. Hook them behind the anal opening under the spine using a rather large (2/0+) circle hook. Use a 3-way swivel.....1-1.5 oz sinker on a light test dropper about 6" WILL get snagged in that area as its very rocky there. Cast to the pilings and let the fish swim around the base of the pilings. Hang on !!! Another method is to cast bucktails, jigs, and plugs past the pilings and work them as close as possible to the pilings. Early mornings and late evenings as the sun is setting is a great time for surface poppers amongst the pilings. Skitter Pops, Chug Bugs, and others will usually produce.

Other than that, sling whatever bait towards the pilings and hope for the best.
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KenY … this is great, thanks for the information. I'm going to try the shore approach with jigs, bucktails and the like. How much boat traffic do you get there? Casting across the channel with a lot of traffic seems risky.
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Hello Max,

I used to fish just like Ken says. Then I got smarter. I fish from the shore now. I would use a surf outfit and practice casting. When you can hit around 100 yards you are ready. I fish at SPSP regularly(at least 2x weekly).

I went last night for a few hours. We caught bluefish up to 18 inches, jumbo spot, dink stripers and perch. I also hooked up with one of those pesky rays.

My son K-man (11yrs old) caught his first fish ever using a bucktail. It was an undersized flounder but it made him happy.

I was blessed to have caught my biggest fish ever. She was a 42 inch 32lb rockfish. K-man caught him a 15lb 32 incher. My friend come down to the small boat launch and fish that area and to the right. I'll be there tonight.

BTW.....During the summer months the hours right before sundown, coupled with a tide change, just about guarantee a fishing lolapalooza
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Just reread my post....

Those personal bests were caught during trophy season. The last rock I caught was 24 inches on June 22. Right now there is spotty fishing throughout the whole upper bay. The croakers didn't show like they did last year, but we did catch some. And let me check my other statement too. The spot have been shallow (40 to 50 yards out). I am just suggesting that you get ready for the fall run.....ergo the surf rod....12ft MH 3 to 8 oz, no ugly stick
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Hey Big Rad:
I was in a dentist chair this afternoon and did not see your post untill to late. I will be checking out that area later this week and next week, and hope to see you in the near future. I was also thinking about fishing in the early AM. Is that a good time for catching fish at SPSP?

PS I also saw your PM, thanks.
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Nah, I can't say nothing about fishing for "strippers", but you da man, Big Rad the tide change (That would be high tide), especially close to sundown and before midnite is the ticket. If ya got yer line in the water, and got anything presentable that they'll eat, yer gonna catch fish. Except if ya get skunked which happens occasionally... Go for it., dude and enjoy.
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