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Time to make Spot Traps!

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Dear liveLine guys,

I've got a ton of e-mails wanting me re-post the plans for the spot traps we use to fill our livewells in Summer. I was not able to find the old text but had some pictures from last season. It's a great project for Febuary and come June you'll be glad you invested the time.

Material are real simple. A roll of 1/2 inch square mesh chicken wire, some tie wire same gauge, and at least a 8oz weight. Tools wire cutters, tin snips maybe some gloves and a tape. There is a tool that I have in the picture that will turn a 90 minute job into a 15 minute one, hog ring pliers. They are a specialty tool if you got them great...but not worth the 60 bucks plus 50 for a box of staples, unless your building a ton of these guys.


Start with a very basic trap, cut a four foot section off the lenght of your roll, bend 4 - 90 degree angles making a 1x1x3 box. Weave the tie wire through the ends, closing and fastening to form and secure your box.

Now for the ends, cut a 17inch by 12 inch section and fold to a 90 degree angle. The point of your angle should exactly center on a wire *this is the only place you can mess up* cut a slit in the wire 8 inches, this is your door. Make sure you cut leaving only a 1/2 slot and leaving the wires pointing towards center of trap. Since we are targeting only small 3-5inch spot the 1/2 slot is perfect, this eliminates crabs, eels, perch, and other critters. Now, Position in end piece and secure it with wire. here's the door


You can ad lib the rest, but you will need a weight and a door at the top. These traps work best if baited every few days with busted crab, but Cat food works great also. The ideal place is a few under your dock or boat slip, but secure them if you can. Last year we were trapping 8-12 a day in the small traps and 15-30 and day in the big 3x3 Spot Hotel all from under our boat. Then we notice some days only one or two....later we found out a guy a few slips down was helping his self every day to a live well of spot. Lets just say he doesn't walk near our slip anymore. Well anyways that's a basic spot trap.

The big one has 8 opening and has been real successful...I played with the design and found more opening more fish


If I have time I'll take a picture of our Tanks we use to keep them alive in the you didn't know they do live in Fresh Water!


SGT. Hale

HeavyMetal Militia

Lower Eastern Shore Md/Va
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carl- do you leave the traps in your garage and catch them there?
am confused- please help!
ps- catch many cats in 'em?
man, you really know how to confuse a person!

butch of the "hb pelican"
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Thank you for the time and effort you put in to give us this VERY informative post!

I built one of these traps last year, and it did OK, but I never put it into a decent location. I plan to this year.

Thanks again!

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some guys wanna see this sooo I'll bring it up

Jigging and Livelining Lower Eastern Shore Md/Va
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Not sure what size hog rings you are using. However, if you go to any store that provides supplies to watermen, they are readily available by the pound (or portions of pounds).

The large rings are for securing the rbars to the pot. The smaller rings (stainless or glavanized) for putting the pot together come in two sizes. I use the smaller for securing parts of the pot together and the larger (slightly) for holding the bracing wire to the pot.

You can easily use a pair of pliers to install the hog rings. I had made a couple of hundred pots before I bought hog ringing pliers. You can get galvanized pliers and large hog rings at many hardware stores (At least in Southern Maryland) as well as Southern States stores.

The smaller hog ring pliers cost 12-14 each; look around.

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Hi Carl,

Thank you very much for the repost. I went the other night with another guy out of the Magothy. We couldn't catch one perch/spot. We wanted to live line in the chum slick. Very frustrating.

PS. Butch's computer is down. He would like to talk to you but doesn't have your number. His is (410) 224-4466. Or you can email me you number, if you would like. I can give it to him.

Thanks again,

Ron Schrauder
In the Cat, out of Deale
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Hey Tony,

If you're interested in a spot for your spot trap (no puns intended), shoot me an email.

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All I got was red x's instead of pics. Did everyone or do I need to change a setting.?
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seriously, put the pics back up, please!!
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Can someone send me the pictures of these traps?

Otherwise I have no clou how to make them!

Did someone make these traps???
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From my read of the instructions (I knew the reading comprehension would come in handy one day ), I think this is what the trap would look like at the business end. The 17"x12" piece when folded in half at the long side makes a triangular shaped piece that has two 8.5" sides at right angles to one another, and the long dimension is 12". When the middle wire is cut out, as mentioned in the instructions, it leaves a half inch gap that's vertical. I didn't draw in a door or a bait box, but that should be an easy addition. I might go make me a couple of these...

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Good drawing, AK. The only thing I might add is the slot that you cut in the fish door should only be 8" and should be positioned at the top 2/3 of the trap with the 4" uncut portion on the bottom to help prevent the spot which naturally congregate on the bottom of the trap from escaping.

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Ahh, I gotcha...that's what he meant about cutting the wire 8" in the 12". Thanks!
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Actually AK the ones I've made I cut a 4" slot right in the middle. It doesn't need to be bigger. They find their way in there.
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