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Stanky Bait...I Love It

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Tim S, great policy, if you see "stanky bait" leave it for the crabs!

(if a mystery poster tries to lure someone)

reel em in boys

Good Job Men!
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Dashaway, to paraphrase The Wordmeister, if you come upon a pile of crap in your path, you have to choice:

1. walk around the crap

2. walk though the crap

Either one will get you to the otherside but the second one will leave you smellin' like crap

There's other variations:

Don't ever wrestle with a pig cause if ya do, when yer done, you'll be covered in mud but the pig will like it

The stanky bait one I just made up

Bottom line, bait only works if it's attended to.

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Here's another one on the same theme. This from long, long ago and one much wiser than I.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly.
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Gee, while we are quoting people how about this one:

"Peoples opinions are worth precisely as much as a belch, the difference being that a belch is more satisfying."

-- Ingmar Bergman

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Since nothing is ever easy or simple to the unwilling......

Arguing with the unwilling...

"is like shouting over the edge of the earth. No echo."

Conrad, _Heart of Darkness_
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I kinda hate to post his after your quote but it's about the only place I'll get to use this line, so, with all due respect...

"Opinions are just like hiney holes. Everyone's got one. And they all stink"
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