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big fish caught today...

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Mike M called me- he will have more details- wait'll you see ths one
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Well we went to Montauk yesterday and caught some nice fish but didn't get into any monsters. Today I couldn't fish due to other committments but I did get a call from my longtime fishin partner Al telling me he finally caught the monster. The fish took a drifted eel at a spot east of Clinton on his second drift.

Stats are:
64.25 Lbs.
55" in. long
31" in. Girth

You have put in your time pal and it finally has paid off for you now you can go and get some sleep

Mike M.
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im speechless
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So is he
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yea,thats pretty big
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WOW! Congrats!
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That's a BIG girl!

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Damm, you'd have to add up a few of my fish to equal that thing
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DAMN! Very very nice fish!
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What a pig ! Is he a fisherman subscriber?
I think that would take the lead in the
dream boat contest.
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to bad if hes not a subscriber the leader is a 57 plus fish and that thing is a beauty ocngrats.
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congrats! She's a beauty! She rides in the frotn seat with a seat belt on!!! Wish you many many more
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awesome fish... look at the size of the head on that pig.. unreal.
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He is a subscriber and he did enter it. Emme Golinski who was in 1st place is now going to be second place. Not sure if he will get dethroned with that cow but who knows anything can happen. People are already poo pooing him for keeping it. I don't believe these guy's who say they would never keep a fish that big would say the same thing if it were on the end of their line at the side of the boat or on the sand. Give the guy a break man he has put in his time probably more than many guy's combined he deserved his once in a lifetime fish for the wall. I have fished with Al for a very long time and believe me we have both released our share of large fish and killed very, very, few in the process. He did nothing wrong and this is one of the few places he has not gotten hammered thanks to all of the real fishermen here for being honest.

Mike M.
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