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Holly Pond and Cove Beach in Stamford

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What kind of fish are there if I cast off from the dam at cove beach either into Holly Pond or into the sound? Whats the best bait to use in that area? Thanks a lot!
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I'm not sure about Holly Pond but you'll find
blues and bass in the sound. Bunker and eels
have been working for bait.
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Hi aj: that can be a productive spot at times on both sides...water is getting a bit warm now, so you are more likely to see blues then stripahs....bait may be your best choice on the sound side now, but a lot of guys do well with flies.......I think as a new member it is a tradition to tell a joke.......let it rip.
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Hey AJ:

Holly Pond/Dam seem to be more productive in the spring when the water is a little cooler. But there are schoolies in there. As mentioned, it seems the fly fishermen have a higher success rate there.

Fishing from the beach, you have an opportunity to catch stripers, blues, and small flounder. This time of year, you'll most likely catch smallish blues that are chasing bait to the shore.

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I've had great luck in Holly pound in sprint and fall for the stripers. Snapper blues are also a great catch there from now until the fall right now they are small but the will get big soon but late august on to around Halloween The stripers action will be OK
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There is a petition to save Holly Pond on YouChoose. Check it out.
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Can you fish from a Kayak or better, from Canoe in Holly Pond? Is there a ramp or specific spot to access the water there?
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Yeah.  Just go from cove park.  

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When do you think the fish will be in around that area? Early May, late April?
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Only one way to find out.  Go out and make your own reports!

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I am ready to start trying on the next big tide. Opening day is coming and as soon as tma areas open, I stop fishing for trout. Schedule is trout until opening day, then stripers and blues until it warms up and then carp and bass until the fall.
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^^ And keep a good log book.
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Thanks for the good info , I'll have to give it a try very soon. Maybe I can bring a few guys with me & we can give you back a report on how we do .
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Hook check your pm's

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