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Derby Dam

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I am hoping in the next week (weather pending... jeesh!) to hit the Derby Dam.

Having never fished it before I am looking for some direction...

-Are there any safety considerations? Is the water very deep or is it all wadable?

-What weight equipment do I need? Can I use a freshwater spinner with 8 or 10lb line? Or should I bring my surf rod with 15lb test?

-Does time-of-day play a key role at this spot? Do I need to be there pre-dawn, or can I fish the middle of the afternoon?

Thanks guys...
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Derby Dam?? Theres no fish there.

Actualy its been hit or miss for a while now,mostly miss the past week or so anyway.Its starting to warm up today and its supposed to get real nice over the next few days.
I don't think the "bite" is best in morning or eve,any of the fish I caught so far were in the middle of the afternoon,out going tide seems to be best,but there really are no set rules this early in the spring.Hit or miss,like I said before.
No need for heavy gear at this point,10 or 12lb test should be fine,lures or small plastics,best choice.

For a small fee,I can guide you to all Joev's spots........

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Sent you a PM too.
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JoeV's spots are overrated.

Rich call me at work or email me tomorrow with you work number. Want to talk about this weekend. By the way, check your regular email.

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You guys are killing me.Whats going on this weekend ?

Big Hoona
Between the 5 or 6 guys I have shown around there you should be able to get some good info.The place will be a zoo this year due to the info and reports from certain web sites.My suggestions are to fish very late weekdays anytime the water is running.Place is tricky with a 5-6 ft tide and the water turning on\\off.Took me 3 years to get a half way decent handle on it.You got a couple of weeks for the big fish to start showing in numbers.If the water is on at dam you will need a heavy stick to fight big fish in heavy current with a bunch of guys casting over your line .Usally about 15-20 guys on both sides fishing during normal hours in the peak of the run.More on the weekends.
Good Luck and you might see me lurking around in my yak.


Always Wishin I Was Yak Fishin

All fisherman are liars except for me and you.But I am not so sure about you
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joev I got that impression about the crowds; I actually did a search on and saw a lot of talk about it being overcrowded.

Thanks for all your help, guys.
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my opinion is to stay away on weekends its a freakin zoo there . take a cloudy day off during the week . with limited area to fish it gets out of hand sometimes .
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I've stopped by there on weekdays when I was going from Danbury to New Haven for work related (lame excuse) stuff and let me tell you that when the fish are there the crowds are there no matter what time, Mon-Fri, forget the weekend.

Its fun to watch the people, but may not be fun to fish it most of the time. More like a side show at the circus.

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Theres always the famous "cooler tag". Dunno if you guys know what Im talkin about but it is the guys who catch the stripers using 6 ounce wieghts with their tuna rods, and as soon as the fish is off their hook it goes in their cooler in the trunk of their car. 10 min later some1 comes and takes is out and now they can throw another 10 fish in there. Saw this happen at least once a week when the fish were in.
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