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Junk boat Disposal

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Anyone ever had to get rid of a junk boat? O.k., how and where did you dispose of it?
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Sawzall, small pieces in trash can every week til it's gone.
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Yeah, but it's a 42ft Post....
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What to do with the old vessel?

Here Prince Einar (Kirk Douglas) and his father, King Ragnar (Ernest Borgnine) of The Vikings (1958) discuss what to do with the family boat now that the new models are in the boatyards. Slave and half brother Eric (Tony Curtis) looks on and wonders when he gets a chance to go out on a date in Pop's cruiser.

King Ragnar shows the boys a family painting on elk skin of "How we did it in the old days when we feted Grandpa Gogmar."
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Fill it with rocks,drag it about a mile out. Bring a drill and a small boat with a motor to get back home in?

Did I win the prize yet?
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Is it too "junk" to donate to the URI Foundation boat yard/sale?Some of the boats there are pretty shot, but still useable with some work.
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1 gal gasoline + 1 match, Hot dogs, s'mores, and scarry stories...
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Drive a bunch of RR spikes through the hull from the inside out so that it looks like a porcupine and then sink it in the path of a dragger?
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Drag it up on the beach, glue a bunch of weird hippie beach-bum things to it, have sixteen dogs take a dump on it - People will think they're at Payne's Dock on Block Island.
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Google "Boat Disposal" - LOTS of information and options
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could "donate" it for a tax deduction.
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how bad is it one mans trash is anothers treasure..
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Is there a gov't reef production project going on? If they sink it you could get the artificial reef named after you. What could be cooler - "Hey guys, let's go fish at MY reef"

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