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Glow Squid

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Hi guys , This is a glow in the dark version of my Softex Squid . Next time your out night fishing take on of these along. It's a little tough " Shooting " 100' of outdoor extension cord . But it's worth the effort LOL . Fish see this thing from a long way off !
This is what it looks like in the daytime.

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Good God man!!!!!
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Way cool
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TIM, that one will be one of my DOZ.
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A masterpiece. Great work. FishHawk II
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And I'm out there chucking decievers and clousers???

That thing's incredible, but whats it weigh?
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Thanks everyone ! The fly looks bulky but it's very light. The body is hollow and practically weightless . The only thing that is solid is the head . I got the idea from fishing tube baits for Largemouths . The body is made out of cloth coated with 5 coats of Softex. You can crush it , sqweeze it or what ever . As soon as you let go it pops right back into shape. It also feel just like the real thing. When a fish grabs it they hold on for a long time. It's not like a hard stick bait. This one is 5 1/2 " long , but you can tie them any size you want. A 9 wt. outfit is all you need from a boat and a 10wt. will do just fine if your beach fishing.
See ya at the show !

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I have never seen anything like that in my life. Absolutely amazing!
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What everyone else said! That thing is awesome.
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I'm real happy you liked the Glow Squid. I was trying to mimic the natural flashing that Humble's do when they get excited or feel threatened . The glitter reflects any light that might be present like a full moon or boat lights, but it's not one of my realistic Squids. Seakit posted a photo of one type the other day. In case any one missed it I'll post it here.
The Squid below is a daytime color scheme and a lot more realistic then my night fishing version.
Check it out.

Fish this baby during the day and you'll catch the Stripers with their PANTS
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Absolutely the best squid I ever seen and practical("glows in the dark")GREAT WORK !!!
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Hey Tim I just finished this little guy up. I need to work on the head a little more, Got the body down pat. measures 4 3/4 inches long tied on a 1/0 Daiichi, and 30 lb mason leader.
Your agent.

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great fly 's ;;

what glow stuff are you putting
on the squid .

what is the material are you using for the squid...

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Hi Seakit, great job. I feel like I should be passing out CIGARS'S LOL I can't wait until you chuck that that fly in front of a Striper ! Your fishing report should be interesting .
Hi Sandman , The glow in the dark feature isn't rubbed on... it's part of the Squids skin. It won't wash off, not ever! It's a product made by Monic Lines called Aqua Glo. I incorporate it into the Squid Skin and it becomes part of the fabric body. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll "hook "you up ! LOL
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