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Sili Skin flies

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Roughly a year ago, Sili Skin hit the fly shops thanks to Blane Chocklett and Harrison Steeves. I think the idea was to use it to craft a fly version of the deadly sluggo. I had my first "bout" with sili skin this winter during and in between fly fishing shows. I say "bout" because the first couple of times I used it, it stuck to everything but the fly. I had to just get up a walk away from it until persistence finally paid off.

One thing that made it easier for me was to use it as a partial covering on small flies wraping it over craft fur or just flash. I've been creating patterns from 1-1/2 to 4 inches to replicate bay anchovy and spearing profiles. I'll be posting step by step instruction on in the near future but figured I'd give board members a preview. The construction of these flies is extremely simple and they can be cranked out very quickly. In the sizes shown in the photos below, one can make up to two dozen flies with just 1 pack of sili skin.


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Thanks for the pics Steve, look foward to the instructions on the other site. Have'nt used the siliskin yet and figure I should await for some helpful hints. I hawked Blaine at the show and he could whip those things together in his sleep. I know it's not as easy as he makes it look. I guess I'll have to screw up some before I'm familiar with it.
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That bottom one has albie written all over it
Nice work as always.
Thanks Steve.
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Bueatiful Work, Steve!
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Looking good!!
What is the cost and size of a sheet of that stuff?
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it comes in packs of 2 sheets i believe something like 2 or 3 inches wide and about 6 or 7 long for about $5 and change it comes in alot of great colors also mother of pearl is the clear stuff alot of people ask me so i thought i would let ya know in advance.. best bet which i learned in working with it is start small and dont give up also save your scraps i have found alot of cool uses for alot of my left over sili skin.. good luck
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Wow!!!! Sweet!!!!! These look 10x better than the all siliskin flies.
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Great looking flies Steve!

Three questions..

How are you attaching the eyes to the Siliskin?

What do you think about a tungsten/epoxy belly version?

Have you experminted at all with a tungsten/epoxy spread fly?

Thanks for the innovative stuff, as usual.

-- Tom
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for the spread fly question his deep blade pattern is very similar to a small spread fly. if you havent tried one yet they are awesome very simple and probably the coolest action i have seen in a simple fly like that. work em as you would a popper sharp tugs they dart left and right up and down roll slightly side to side every time you strip there is another action..
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Nice flys. I too, have had to walk away from table in frustration, but glad to see you have found a very practical way. What are you laying down as a base along hook shank>?
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Thanks for the comments guys and thanks Rory for pitching in with some of the answers.

Some background on construction:
1 - Apply one complete wrap of sili skin on the straight part of the shank leaving a bit of space between the the sili skin and the hook eye.

2 - Tie in a sparse amount of flash or flash/fiber blend just in front of the sili skin using ultra fine mono, then whip finish(that's the only tying step!).

3 - Use a length of sili skin(mother of pearl) that will extend slightly behind the bend of the hook and will be wide enough to fold over the pattern. Anchor the front-center of the sili skin just behind the eye with a slight press of the finger. Hold the material with one hand and let the sili skin "fall" over the top of the material. Fold it over such that it meets under the belly and sticks to itself.

4 - Press the sili skin together then trim the excess from the front, then back and pull away the excess.

5 - Afix eyes forward and coat eyes and belly seam with plasti dip. Set aside to dry.

Answers to questions:
The sili skin comes in a package that contains two 2x6 inch pieces for just under 6 bucks.

Eyes may also be attached as part of step 2 by sticking them on the very forward part of the sili skin base. This way they will be covered by the outer layer and will eliminate the need for any plasti dip. I've tried both ways and prefer them outboard and coated just because they stand out more clearly that way.

If I was going to add weight, I'd probably just wrap some lead on the shank prior to step 1. Tungsten powder can be used but may not be worth the effort. These smaller profile flys don't trap much, if any, air under the skin and will not float.

I have not tried a spread fleye with tungsten powder so try it and see. One word of caution is the epoxy will tend to flow more due to the weight of the tungsten so let the spreader beware!


PS - Rory has some cool looking sili skin flys is small sizes.

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Thanks! Good stuff. I have been playing too and you have inspired me to paly some more.
Rich L.
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Who carry's Plati-Dip? Anyone local, Im in Brick.

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On a Flii...

Down-n-Trout in Pt. Pleasant has got it. Softex should also work for the application shown here.

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