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Groundhog fur

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Anybody know where I can find groundhog fur, I need to use it as dubbing for a certain fly, and I cant find the stuff anywhere, not even lying on the side of the road. Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys now where I can get some. Thanks
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Shouldn't be too hard to find it is also known as woodchuck. HuntersAngling has it in their catalog.

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Duhh, thanks Gadwall. I have seen it under woodchuck in almost every catalog, but I figured it was a totally different animal! Thanks again.
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Is did you check the local golf course...

may the fish be with you!

Does it smell like skunks around here?..
or is just me!
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Redman, nope but thats not a bad idea. Hmm, no how am I gonna sneak in there with a bb gun?;D
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That better be one awesome BB gun.Chucks are pretty tough.Pm yer address I'll send ya some.I got three or four skins layin around somewheres.
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Weelll... it IS wintertime... the course won't be too crowded.....

" you got THAT going for ya....

.....which is nice."

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Seriously I can get it fresh when the weather warms up...right from my front yard. ALL YOU WANT, YOU JUST LET ME KNOW WHERE TO MAIL THE SKINS TO. Nice big fat furry ones too. If you're in a hurry squirrel is somewhat similar.

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Woodchuck, groundhog same difference. I dont believe the fur has any saltwater applications. Ismael, if you're tying salmon/steelhead flies woodchuck is a pretty drab color just so you know. Off the top of my head you can use woodchuck fur for tying small streamers for trout. Considering the woodchuck is a rodent, the hair is rather coarse. Good material for tying tails, collars, or wings...thats about it.

By the way, you can kill a woodchuck by chewing a stick of Juicy Fruit gum and setting it near the hole. Woodchucks love the smell and taste. They eat it and choke. What a way to die, huh. Reckon a BB gun wont do much but piss 'em off a bit. Heck, I shot one a long time ago with a .22 and it took him a while to die.
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Thanks, FWW but 10X10 kindly offered to send me one already, and I really dont need that much, but I appreciate the offer. Besides I think you just want a reason to kill them

FBN, yeah its for a steelhead fly, I was up in Pulaski last weekend and these guys next to me where nailing the fish cast after cast on a stone fly with groundhog used as the legs. Heh, I was just kidding about the BB gun, always tried but never could kill one.
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long distance chuck whakin' with a .223

aint fly tien fun

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Izzy yer chuck is on the way.
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Hey FWW -

how's about a little chuck fling? This is real quiet w/ Ely subsonics

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Thanks 10X10, I got the stuf in the mail today, look real good. I really appreciate it.
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