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What is the best striper fly and where do I get it.

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What's the best striper fly for fishing marshy creeks and the flats? Does anyone here sell them?

I'd be willing to buy or trade lures for them.


Potomac River Home Page
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That is a tough question to answer. Alot will depend of where and when you are fishing. What type of bait is around? Daytime? Nightime? Water clarity? The list goes on and on and you would probably get a different answer from the different people you ask.

Try to carry a variety of differet patterns in different sizes. You don't have to go crazy - your established patters like jiggies, clousers, deceivers, sliders, poppers, siliclones will all have there day depending on what the fish are eating. Big baits - throw big flies, skinny little baits - throw skinny little flies. Try to determine what they are eating and what type of forage in present and match the length and silhouette the best you can. Color can be important, but PRESENTATION will always be your first priority.

Sorry this is not the answer you are probably looking for - but if it was as easy as picking one fly all the time it wouldn't be any fun now would it

Take a look in the Online Store on the front page - Tim has a variety of flies that you could choose from to purchase.

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Don't listen to this Geno guy......

I've got the fly you need!

I'll be willing to any 10' Fast Action Loomis Surf Rods you don't need? What about an 8 wt. Vector?

I hate to divulge my magic, but I think we can work something out...
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Gypsy, E-Mail TimS here on this site (contact us button on the front page) he has developed many a "shack pack" of favorite flys for stripers.

Beware of the white fly with the flaired deer hair head and the ostrich feathered's a killer in the back areas where spearing and small profile baitfish play. It's called a Tabory Snake Fly.

Gene did give you excellent advice as with all fishing we are most effective matching the available food. No one fly does it all! But armed with a few common fly's in their most effective colors and sizes matching the available baitfish becomes easy.

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Listen to GeneQ, he is giving you good advice regarding your post. There is no one fly that does it all under every situation.

One of the things that makes fly fishing exciting is learning to tie your own flies and then catching a fish on something that you have created. It is not terribly dificult to tie flies once you have learned the basics. My suggestion is to check in your area for courses on fly tying for the evening practical arts classes at some school. Or go to a tackle store that has fly tying lessons. Its a good way to pass time during the winter and build up your collection of flies.
Good luck & Tight lines

Stripped Gear
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Thanx guys for the info. Hopefully I'll be a regular on this board.

Potomac River
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Your killin' me

Missed a good meeting tonight bro - Bobby's book was a HUGE success. I think every one who came to the meeting bought one.
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Get Tim's selcetion.
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Yeah, every second Tuesday of the month out here in Arizona I'm wishin' I was at the old Tri-Boro.....

I especially wished I was there after I got an e-mail from Amazon telling me my Pop Fleyes won't be shipped out for 1-2 weeks...


Next meeting I'll be at is the April meeting ....I'm comin' home for a few days hopin' to catch up with some big bass in the bay.

In the meantime I'll be fishin' on the wrong side of the mound......

Seahoze Larry
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The best Striper Fly is the one you fashion on your vise. The one that gets taken time and again. The one that makes you smile. That's the best Striper Fly there is....

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